If you are looking to be transported to a land of secrecy, intrigue, scandal, coups, dragons, love-triangles and strong characters with real emotions, look no further than “EON.” This start of the Dragoneye series by Alison Goodman will take you for a ride you never expected.

From the very first page we are introduced to Eon, a eunuch training under Lord Brannon, the reigning Tiger Dragoneye, and Eon’s master. The hope is that Eon will become the new Rat Dragoneye in the next few days, ensuring that his master can keep his wealth and titles as Eon’s status is solidified .


But Eon has a secret, a secret only his master and a select few people know. It is a secret that, if exposed, could mean the death of everyone involved. Although appearing as a 12-year-old boy, Eon is actually Eona, a 16-year-old girl, and girls are not allowed to train to become Dragoneyes.

Leading up to the testing day, we find that Eona’s menstrual cycle is early, starting on the day before the test. But thankfully, she catches it just in time so that she does not bleed during the test.

An interesting conversation, held within the walls of her master’s study, gives her another reason to be nervous. It is said that to be truly bonded to your Dragon and become a Dragoneye, the Dragon will ask something from you in exchange for its power.

The test is a shamble, and Eona fails miserably. She is not chosen by the Rat Dragon. Just when all hope seems lost, a new Dragon appears, one that has not been seen for 500 years, the Mirror Dragon. The long-lost Dragon chooses Eona as its partner in front of all those present.

But there is a problem: instead of calling her Eon, the Dragon calls her Eona! Why? She has kept her secret from everyone! How could the Dragon know her secret?

To make matters worse, someone uncovers a plot to not only get rid of Eona’s master, Lord Brannon, but also to assassinate the Emperor and his heir!

Go on this amazing journey with Eona, and discover how she finds her strength while she attempts to save her world as she knows it.

(Penguin Young Readers Group/Alison Goodman)

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