I’ve been expecting you.

Come, sit.
Let’s have a chat.

Who am I?
I am called many things.
But you may call me M.I.

What am I?
Isn’t that quite a question.

What am I?

Most say I am a myth,
A figment of one’s mind,
Willed away on a whim.

Others say I’m an excuse,
An explanation for the weak.

Do you know what it’s like to be labeled like that?

How many?

How many lives do I have to take before you see me?
How many people do I have to scar before you heal me?
How many sons and daughters must I kill before you cure me?

I’ve begged for years.
To stop me from causing pain.
To save me from myself.

But you don’t care.

No one ever cares until I hit them!
Until I claim someone they love!
I cannot stop myself!

My name is M.I.
I have claimed fathers and mothers.
I have claimed sons and daughters.

I hear their cries.
And if I do,
I know you can too.
You have a choice.

…save them…


…save them from me…

Or lose them to me…


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