From July 20 to July 23, fans of comics, anime, videos and all things pop culture flocked to San Diego, California, for considerably the biggest comic convention in the world: San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)! I had the wonderful and lucky opportunity to attend SDCC again but this time, as a member of the MACG Community and “MACG Magazine.” I am here to bring you my exclusive coverage!


SDCC  brings thousands upon thousands to “America’s Finest City” once a year to get the chance for some exclusives on the latest in the comic and pop culture realm. SDCC 2017 once again brought the biggest names in the industry as a preview for some of the upcoming releases for this year and 2018. There is a little bit of something for everyone of any age at SDCC, and if this year is your first time, you would know that it can be overwhelming yet totally worth every second of it. Whether it is getting the amazing opportunity to get into a panel, a signing, purchasing exclusive merchandise, to walking around and seeing all the booths that are there at the exhibit hall, chances are you are definitely going to be going home with wonderful memories (and maybe a crying wallet). 


As a returning veteran-attendee of SDCC, it comes as no surprise to see the massive lines to get into the coveted Hall H and Ballroom 20. These specific ballrooms house the biggest panels of SDCC, such as “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” upcoming Marvel and DC Films and TV shows on the CW or ABC. Fans line up days prior to the panels, often camping out just to get into the ballroom. The level of dedication that these fans have is truly commendable, and those who get in are considered some of the luckiest fans of SDCC.

However, such massive lines aren’t only for panels. There are lines that are dedicated to exclusive merchandise and signings. There are also lines dedicated to attractions that you could do throughout SDCC. Expect to be in some sort of line at some point during the convention. SDCC is so large that there are even attractions that are located outside the convention center that people can attend! What is great about San Diego Comic Con branching outside of the convention center is that some of these attractions do not require an official badge to experience! It also gives the opportunity for visitors to explore Downtown San Diego, giving them a range of activities to participate in rather than being stuck in one place with nothing else to do after the convention is done for the day.


As expected, San Diego Comic Con 2017 was packed full of fans. The exhibit hall was swarming with people all trying to get a glimpse of some of the biggest booths and displays at the convention. Among the larger booths were different vendors of artists, apparel and other cool merchandise that fans cannot particularly get elsewhere aside from conventions like SDCC. Scattered throughout the sea of attendees were awesome cosplayers of all ages and fandoms walking along the exhibit halls. This year’s crowd favorites seemed to be Wonder Woman and Batman

Each day of the convention there was something big happening. On Wednesday night. or Preview Night, the floor is open to those lucky enough to score the ticket. Many who happen to get a ticket for Preview Night get the early peek at what the convention looks like before it officially opens on Thursday. There is always some sort of signing or panel each day of the convention. Sunday in particular is the more family-oriented day out of the convention, as the weekend is finally coming to a close. But that does not stop the crowds from getting one last chance at scoring that special merchandise on the floor before they no longer can. As previously mentioned, there is always something meant for anyone at San Diego Comic Con. Whether it be merchandise (i.e. figurines, toys and other exclusives), anime, video games, board games or any other comic-oriented item, there is always something you will find and love!


There is so much to do and see at San Diego Comic Con. The weekend is truly not enough time to experience it all! It is unfortunate and regrettable that I could not write everything down, but I hope this gives you a better glimpse into what San Diego Comic Con has to offer and why you should make it out next year! I highly encourage registering for San Diego Comic Con to get the latest updates for next year! There is always something new that comes to the convention, and it is totally worth every single second you are there!

For more details and commentary on my experience, please do check out my vlog below, where I take you inside the convention and share more about what is it like to be at San Diego Comic Con! 







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