San Diego once again greeted comic and pop culture fans from all over the world to experience considerably the biggest comic convention in the world, Comic Con International’s San Diego Comic Con.

From July 18 – 22, thousands of fans of all ages come to the San Diego Convention Center to attend panels, see the latest toys and figures that are slated for release, have the opportunity to see and possibly the chance to meet celebrities, demo video games and check out some of the interactive booths. But that’s not all. There is so much to do at Comic Con that it’s simply too hard to do it all during all four days. While there is Preview Night for the convention, not all booths are fully set up and ready. IMG_5644

As a representative of “MACG Magazine,” I was able to attend SDCC 2018 and get an exclusive look into the convention for all four days. As usual, the exhibit floor was filled with so many people walking. Everywhere you turned, you could find fans cosplaying or excitedly looking at booths. Ranging from original artwork to apparel and toy vendors, there was so much to explore and see.

Large booths like the one for “The Walking Dead” featured zombies lurking around while people charged their electric devices. There were special signings from large entertainment and production companies like CW, FOX and Marvel. Cartoon Network had an exclusive free giveaway for their popular show “Steven Universe,” where they gave away pins of the characters each day . The DC Comics area had interactive photo booths as well.


Those who have previously attended Comic Con know lines are a given. There is always some kind of line to either meet an artist or celebrity, purchase exclusive merchandise or even get into coveted ballrooms like Hall H, Ballroom 20 and the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel right across from the convention center. There were those who camped out to get into Hall H as the hall hosted large panels such as “The Walking Dead,” “Fear The Walking Dead,” DC’s “Aquaman,” BBC’s “Doctor Who” as well as Marvel’s “Venom.” There was a definite feeling of absence, however, with fan favorites like “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld” and other HBO shows not present this year.

There were other outside experiences that attendees and non-badge fans were able to check out as well. Right behind the convention center was the FX Network booths that had small interactive areas for each of the network’s shows. Adult Swim also had its own experience in the set up of a theme park formed as a campground. Directly behind the Marriott was the large “Dragonball” set up, featuring several life-size models of characters such as Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. Across from the Hilton and convention center was a large open space that featured several food booths and smaller interactive booths as well.

If you were lucky enough to score a ticket, fans also had to opportunity to see Conan O’Brien live, as he returned for another Comic Con special. Some of his featured guests were the cast of the upcoming DC film “Aquaman” and the reunion of the “Breaking Bad” cast who were celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Those in attendance for Conan’s special shows were also able to take home exclusive Conan Funko Pop vinyl figures that you can only get during this showing.

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Comic Con is truly an experience, and there is an infinite amount of things to do during the convention. While I could not cover every single aspect of San Diego Comic Con, I hope that this gets you excited for next year and gives you a better inside look for the convention.

Want to see more inside the convention? Check out the exclusive vlog down below!

Pictures and video credit: J.Ventinilla.


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