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After attending KCON in Paris and Los Angeles last year, I can definitely say that each stop has its own vibe. My first visit to New York for the convention was a fun experience, and JessLyfers made me feel very welcomed!

I caught up with friends and other content creators like Josh Dove, Malice and JRE, Whitneybae and KpopMamas, too. I like to hear about what they’re working on and get some selfies or “vlog inception” going on before we take off.

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As a photographer, my goal is to capture moments in their own light. One of the best things about being new to the convention’s East Coast stop was I was able to take in everything with fresh eyes and get some great shots. I know you’ve waited long for this, but I wanted it to tie in closer to the next convention stop. So, here’s my recap of the red carpet event for Day 2 of KCON17NY!

Kevin Wu

Kevin Woo, former member of U-KISS and current host of “After School Club,” was the first idol I saw while getting ready for the red carpet event. As the host of the red carpet, he walked press in toward a gated area to stand right in front of the stage. The fans behind the gated area had a few moments to interact with Kevin before he welcomed the first group to the press interview: TWICE.

Twice 1

Upt10ion was next. Kevin asked if they had some special thing that they do before they perform, and they shared that they do a special chant with their hands in the air!



NCT 127 were next up, with members Taeyong and Mark doing most of the talking. Toward the end of their red carpet interview, Johnny addressed the fans in English.

NCT 127_1NCT 127_2NCT 127_3

I didn’t know much about CNBLUE before this, but Yongwha and his band were very charismatic. I’m laughing thinking back on it, how excited and hyped up Yongwha was while speaking in English. “You’re beautiful! I love you!” he hollered out, even after his bandmates left him on the red carpet. That’s fan service, for real!


Now that we’re just a few days away from KCON in Los Angeles, I hope this makes you more excited about who you might possibly see during the convention. I know I’ve got my camera ready. How about you?

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