For the Hallyu Haywire special on the newly established radio show called, Daebak K-pop with IMMY JRE of the K-pop reaction and skit YouTube channel JREKML came on the show to share his experiences and dreams. The show took place in November for one of the most thankful months out of the year with the concept to interview people that the international fans are thankful for and a chance to get to know them more. What better way to do that than a fun show with K-pop music and giveaways!

The fourth #HALLYUHAYWIRE show took place on November 27th. The interview is as follows:


IMMY: I was reading an article written in March of last year(2015) that claimed you had over 168’000 subs and in 2016 you have well over 700’000 that’s such a huge leap in a short time. Where do you think that burst of popularity came from?

JRE: Wow! The way you broke down the numbers for me really is shocking to hear once put it into perspective. I just put out whatever on YouTube that my mind can come up with that can make people laugh also, I think my channel grew when I went to the big bang concert and Taeyang noticed me but recently my skits are getting more popular too.

I: Looking over your channel you have a lot of segments and skits that have become very popular. Walk us through a day in the life of JRE, whether it’s your editing day, recording day or waking up at 5 a.m. to react to an MV day.

JRE: Basically I just edit all day… people want me to daily vlog but it’s literally just me editing or brainstorming about skits to do. At the root, I’m just a K-pop fan from the beginning to now. My subscribers have gotten to watch me evolve from a fan of just two or three K-pop groups into this piece of K-pop trash. It sounds terrible saying trash but my fans know it’s just another word for being obsessed (:

I: We can see your love for editing with the hard work you put in your videos whether it be to add humor or effects to make watching your videos an enjoyable experience. That being said what is your goal for yourself and JREKML? Any plans to do for a career in South Korea? Work for a broadcasting station?

JRE: I’m taking one step at a time next year I plan on visiting South Korea and seeing the culture and music first hand. I actually want to reach out to one of the entertainment companies and make a deal of some sort maybe for reactions or different content. I also have a long-term goal of making a K-pop documentary about this crazy K-pop world in general. I never stop dreaming because once I achieve a dream I make another one and it’s always going to continue.

  • During the interview I played a rapid-fire question game with JRE and asked him to name the first thing that came to mind after I ask the question quickly without thinking about it and this is what he said:

I: Your three favorite MV reactions on your channel

JRE: 1) Bang Bang Bang

2) Blood Sweat & Tears

3) Any one of my Dean reactions

I: Favorite collaboration on your channel?

JRE: I’m Big Bang Trash ft. Kenny Boy Slay

I: Your favorite KCON moment?

JRE: Meeting Ailee and Eric Nam, seeing Dean live for the first time and seeing Crush perform that first time at KCON LA 2015

I: Favorite K-pop concert you’ve attended?

JRE: Big Bang Concert! That was such an amazing experience.

I: K-pop concert you want to see?

JRE: Taeyang solo concert, Ailee concert and a lot more!

I: Three favorite videos on your channel you’re proud of?

JRE: My music video parodies like:

  1. ‘Zutter’

2) ‘Okey Dokey’

And again my Bang Bang Bang MV reaction because I really got into my feels that day.

I: Most shocking fan moment or encounter?

JRE: When people cry when they see me, you expect that from them seeing a K-pop idol but not me. Also when Crush noticed me at KCON NY 2016


This interview was paraphrased from the full interview conducted by Immy, a radio DJ on 91.3FM. Tune in every Sunday 4-6pm(EST) for “Daebak K-Pop with IMMY!”




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