Inspiration can happen at the most spontaneous times. In the case of Mair Emenogu, her signature was the catalyst for MAIR®, a product that came to fruition in October 2015. After three years of research and development, Emenogu’s fragrance came to life in Grasse, France, nicknamed The Cradle of Perfumery. The Houston, Texan’s story and product has been featured in various publications, including industry-specific Beauty Packaging Magazine, and referenced on podcasts and radio. We are proud to introduce you to Ms. Emenogu.

MACG Magazine (MM): What was the defining moment that influenced your growth in this career?

Mair Emenogu (ME): Well, I was fed up and miserable in my career (marketing professional in the Oil and Gas Industry). I wasn’t moving ahead at the speed of my colleagues in similar roles and opportunities to advance just weren’t there. My brand was birthed from my pain. Entrepreneurship seemed like the only option to create opportunities for myself without having to compromise.
MM: What is the most unexpected thing that you’ve experienced/learned in this profession?

ME: Most unexpected thing I experienced was how much dependence you HAVE to put in manufacturers. Getting started in the production process of my fragrance, I thought I was in control of every aspect. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My anticipated launch date was pushed back several months because of shipping delays, bigger orders from more notable clients, etc. Not much is said about the manufacturing process, but having a great relationship with them is vital to the success of your project.

MM: What was a positive, unforgettable moment in this profession?

ME: When my fragrance was picked up in its first retail store, Shop 1990. What made it unforgettable is, I met the owner while at a department store. Without ever smelling the scent, or seeing a photo of the perfume, she gave me her word that she would carry it in her store and she did.
MM: What type of training/development was important for/to you to succeed?

ME: Independent study of how perfume is made was critical in creating my fragrance, Remember When. But that was just half of the process — being in those marketing roles and creating ads and doing freelance work as a graphic design artist is the prime skill I had to learn. That is what sets my brand visually apart from all others.

MM: What is next on your agenda?

ME: Next step is getting back on track with our retail clients and getting Remember When into more stores.
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