For the “Hallyu Haywire” special on the newly-established radio show “Daebak K-pop with IMMY,” Chance of the K-pop-reaction YouTube channel Chance MPOD partnered with host Immy to share his BTS-fanboy love as well as the origin of his name. The special took place in November, one of the most thankful months out of the year, with the concept to interview people the international fans are thankful for and provide a chance to get to know a little more about them. What better way to do that than with a fun show featuring K-pop and giveaways?

The third #HALLYUHAYWIRE show took place on November 20, 2016. The interview is as follows:


IMMY: I see you have a big following on YouTube and Twitter and your subscribers are very passionate about your love for BTS and various other K-pop groups. Seeing that every K-pop idol group has a fandom name … what is your fandom name?

CHANCE MPOD: I don’t have one! Even though I’ve been asked a lot about when I’m getting a fandom name, I’m not that creative! I had a live stream way back, and we threw some ideas around, but nothing ever stuck. My fans love to ship me with other YouTubers too. But fandom names are open to discussion — if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

I: Any future plans for your YouTube channel or desire to visit South Korea?

MPOD: I go with the flow and shoot for the moon, but with some realism to it. In June of 2017, YouTuber Samuel Buss and I are moving together to Oregon, so that will open up a whole lot of content for our channels. Seeing that we both mainly react to BTS, there are a lot of collabs planned. I’m also close with Kenny Boy Slay, another good YouTube friend. He and I talked about going on trips and vlogging, but personally, as a YouTuber, I have a goal to get invited as a panelist to KCON one year.

I: Something that I’ve been dying to ask because I have never seen your subscribers mention it: So, what does the “MPOD” in “Chance MPOD” stand for?

MPOD: This is also not creative at all, but it’s the second time anyone has ever asked me. I am a huge sports fan! K-pop is one love, sports is another, and my favorite sports team is a college team called the Iowa Hawkeyes (my home state). In 2010 I went to see one of their away games and ended up staying at the same hotel as them. So being the 14-year-old that I was, I asked for autographs, and when my favorite player Derrell Johnson-Koulianos signed his name, he signed the initials “DJK MPOD.” When I asked him what it meant, he said it was something his dad had told him when he was younger and still training — “Make Plays Or Die.” So basically it has nothing to do with K-pop, but it’s something that means a lot to me.


This interview was paraphrased from a full interview conducted by Immy, a radio DJ on 91.3FM. Tune in every Sunday 4-6 p.m. EST for “Daebak K-Pop with IMMY!”

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