The title of this interview is the former Twitter biography words of  Benjamin Kissell, an American Humor/Fantasy writer with great geeky personality. When asked about his home base, he declared, “I’d like to consider my home-office more of a Santum Sanctorum or perhaps Fortress of Kittehtude (what with the angry little fuzzballs who dominate our lives and demand food and petting); but, I write from home here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.” The author sat with us to share his thoughts on his career; and, the true beauty of written interviews shines through, as his writing style conveys his character perfectly.

MACG MAGAZINE (MM): What was the defining moment that influenced your growth in this career?

BENJAMIN KISSELL (BK): I’d have to say there were a slew of moments that essentially “You could have had a V8”’d me; but, when it comes down to it … I’d have to say it was when I realized that people enjoyed reading what I wrote and that if I succeeded at it I could have a job where I stayed in my pajamas most of the day, playing with my cats and doing something I truly loved, so, I thought, “Hey, why not?!”


MM: What is the most unexpected thing that you’ve experienced/learned in this profession?

BK: That, despite ones popularity (and there are days I’m kind of cool on the internet) the actual reality of succeeding in the publishing industry is beyond tough.

MM: What was a positive, unforgettable moment in this profession?

BK: When I saw my name in-print in a book for the first time (and not as an acknowledgement or ‘thank you’ – although, those were pretty bloody sweet, too).

MM: What type of training and development is important for success in interior design?

BK: A desire to learn – whether through schooling or on my own; I studied a range of majors in college (some might call it fickle, I call it “broadening my horizons”) from Art History to Classics-Latin and all the way to English-Lit. To succeed one must desire to know more and never, EVER be satisfied with what you’ve accomplished thus far (although, I do toot my own horn, because … well … ego).

MM: Finally, what are your future plans?

BK: Aside from appearing in the follow-up anthology to ‘America in Twilight: Not quite true tales & poems in America’ and folding the laundry, cooking dinner and other domestic-y things,  I’ve taken the advice from one of my writing idols – Jen Lancaster – and pushed for what feels right for me … in this case, it’s pursuing my own publication. In the next year, I plan to release two short story anthologies of my own work on top of helping my husband pursue his own artistic dreams by way of his creations, (where we create, promote and sell his adorable and sometimes odd one-of-a-kind toys).

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Benjamin Kissell  shares, “I’m pretty obsessive about my phone and have my Twitter routed to it – @praetor1983 – and am always happy to correspond there or on facebook –”
Ashley Griffin is a diverse writer, blogger and YouTube Personality. A nomad at heart, Ms. Griffin currently resides in Houston, Texas. Find “Multifacetedacg” on YouTube and shoot her a message on Twitter.

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