Hallyu vloggers and entertainers alike are all over YouTube, but most aren’t your typical JREKML or KeNNyBoySLaY. If you dig deeper into the K-pop community, you can even find some that are just like you. That was the case for me when first watching Your Sweet Guys.

This YouTube channel is run by cousins Ilanna and Peggy. Together, they make up the channel Your Sweet Guys. Their videos range from MV reactions to their own series called “The Okay Corner,” where they talk about K-pop news and their opinions on different situations. I had the amazing opportunity to interview these two lovely ladies on Google Hangouts.

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Our conversation started off casually as we talked about whether they actually knew my YouTube channel. Turns out they had seen my “Produce 101 – Super Hot Reaction.” Man, did I feel sorry for them.

I wanted to start off the questions simply as well, just so that those who are not familiar with the two could get to know them better.

“Who is your ultimate bias group?”

Ilanna: We would probably have to say GOT7 because we have seen them in real life like a trillion times.

“Who is your ultimate bias?”

When answering this question, they said no words and instead flashed the JJ Project hand sign. They then mentioned that JJ Project is set to have a comeback this July.

“How and when did you get into K-pop?”

Peggy: Our first experience [with K-pop] was when we saw the Wonder Girls open for the Jonas Brothers in 2009. That was our first experience with seeing K-pop. And then two years later, we saw a BIGBANG music video, and we watched it and realized that [K-pop] was much cooler.

Ilanna: And then more stuff started to pop up, and we would see it and be interested in it.

Peggy: Since 2014 or 2015, we started to get into following the groups and then becoming fans of the group. It went by little bit by little bit, and that is what lead us up to this day.

“What fandoms would you be considered a part of?”

Ilanna: Hardcore Monbebe, iGOT7, Carats, EXO-Ls, ARMYs. Those are just our top five, but we are very multi-fandom.

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“Why did you decide to create your YouTube channel?”

Peggy: Mostly because of boredom.

Ilanna: There was no one else around us who listened to K-pop. We were the only ones. We knew that there were other people out there [who listened to K-pop], so let’s just start a channel, be weird and see what happens.

“You started your channel with your music video reaction to GOT7’s ‘Fly.’ What would you say was going through your minds at the time of uploading this video, and what kind of reaction did you receive?”

Ilanna: When we decided to upload it, we thought that no one would see it but then noticed people were watching it. Then we decided to keep uploading videos because it was fun.

Peggy: And we didn’t wait too long to upload different videos where we just talked about stuff, which is what we originally wanted to do. We wanted to have more creative content than just music video reactions.

When being asked to promote what they do on their channel beyond MV reactions, they mentioned they like to upload talking videos and games. They also promoted their “Okay Corner” series, where they just want to talk to their friends (what they call their viewers).

“Do you ever think of uploading videos not just about K-pop, something like vlogs or such?”

Peggy: We have definitely thought of it, and we did one video that did start to adventure out, and we’ve been meaning do more of those, but they haven’t come up yet. We don’t want to adventure too far away from it at random. We do want to go to different places, and if we did, we would most definitely upload it, but as of right now, pretty much everything is about K-pop.

Ilanna: We aren’t afraid of people not liking us for branching outside of K-pop, but we are just currently focused on this K-pop path. We will branch out slowly but not completely abandon it.

“Who or what was your inspiration in starting your YouTube channel?”

Ilanna: We actually don’t watch [K-pop] YouTubers.

Peggy: We realize a lot of YouTubers ended up starting up their channel by watching someone who has been doing this for so long and creates great content, but with us, we want to be ourselves, and we feel like if we ended up watching other YouTubers, we would end up comparing us to that YouTuber.

Ilanna: We don’t watch a lot of K-pop YouTubers unless we are friends with them, so our inspirations for the channel are ourselves because we wanted to do this.

“What are some of your upcoming goals for your YouTube channel (or just for yourselves)?”

Ilanna: Well, we are 300 subscribers away from 10,000 subscribers, which is insane.

Peggy: And we are excited about this project where we show a day in the life of K-pop fans where anyone can send in a video. We want to connect people from all over the world so they can connect with something we all love, which is K-pop.

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“Now, there are some people who would like to become K-pop YouTuber but don’t know where to start. What do you think is a good start for these people, and do you have any advice for them?”

Ilanna: First piece of advice is always be yourself. Obviously, there are people out there that inspire you, but you don’t have to be just like them. Don’t think that because now you’re on the internet [uploading videos], you are obligated to change and be like them. You are your own person, and you should be yourself.

Peggy: There is no recipe for a successful channel and a successful person in general. All because one technique worked for someone, that doesn’t mean that it will end up working for you. You should always be yourself and upload what you want and be genuine, and eventually it will end up working out for you in your favor.

“2017 has been a brutal year when it comes to scandals and groups disbanding. Out of all of the events that have happened this year alone, what is the event that hit you the hardest?”

Ilanna: Disbanding-wise, SISTAR because it was a shock and no one was expecting them to disband. Scandal-wise, we would probably have to say everything that’s going on with BIGBANG’s T.O.P. because it’s heavy.

Peggy: It makes you humanize everyone because idols are humans too.

We then got onto the topic of fandom wars, which quickly became extensive, so I would suggest watching the full interview to hear the entire dialogue (fandom war starts at 35:03). After fandom wars, we also had a nice, long discussion about the experiences we have had with K-pop idols, which starts at 37:49.

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Your Sweet Guys are very dedicated to the crazy world of K-pop. They’re really nice, their videos are fun to watch, and they try to reply back to every single person who reaches out to them. I’d like to give a huge thank you to Your Sweet Guys for giving me the opportunity interview them in such a short amount of time. It was very enjoyable, and I expect a lot of great things from them in the future.

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