Whether you are new or a veteran fan of K-Pop one thing that will always bite you in your wallet is the amount of official merchandise your favorite groups release. From every physical copy release of their latest album to seasons greetings and concert/fanmeeting merchandise, you can’t help wanting to have EVERYTHING.

Cool! Your favorite group has made the announcement they’re going to be making a comeback! What’s that? There will be several different versions? Member-specific CD’s and photocards plus different posters? Well … Like Pokémon, GOTTA COLLECT ‘EM ALL.

So your favorite group just finished promotions of their latest comeback, but what’s that again? They’re releasing a repackaged album as the follow-up?! Really?


Is your favorite group a rookie group? Haven’t announced their fandom color and/or lightstick? Well, make sure to set aside some for that too!


Let’s not forget about the upcoming concert and/or fanmeeting where they have limited-edition apparel and accessories! We gotta have those too!


After the tour wraps up, let’s just go ahead and throw in that concert/fanmeet DVD that also comes with photocards.


Do you hear your wallet crying yet?


Ah, the wonderful moment when you find out that your favorite group is coming to your country and there will be some limited-edition merchandise as well. Or the moment you find out that someone is holding a group order for their merchandise from a different tour in a different country.


Let’s not even get into the merchandise that fansites put out for group orders as well, because sometimes we want some of those cute things too.


New year, new comeback! Let the cycle begin all over again!


The struggle of a K-pop collector is real. Despite the large amounts spent on our favorite groups, it’s all worth every single cent of it because that is how we support our favorites and show that we really are dedicated to them.


  1. IT’S TRUE.. You may shout “Argghh! There is just a pair of kidneys left now.” just right after you bought a new merch. But then just wait a little moment for another merch to be released then suddenly you will back as a richy fan.

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