Monday, October 31, 2016

Houston, TXMultifacetedacg Productions LLC (MACG Productions) announced today that Coco Avenue will leave the consulting and management division of the company to actively pursue major label representation. The duo were the first active music act managed by the company.

“Jenna (Rose) and Jenny (Lyric) have been positive contributors to our community of talent,” said Ashley Griffin, Creative Director. “The ladies had an impactful year, gained much recognition, and will be an asset to a major label.”

Coco Avenue joined MACG Productions for consulting and management in February 2016 and maintained a vocal working relationship with the leadership team. During their time with the company, Coco Avenue released their self-composed song and video, “Turn the Music Up,” which received positive reviews and overwhelming love and support from their fans. They continued to grow and develop as artists with the full support of MACG Productions. As it became apparent that they were ready for the next stage in the journey to accomplishing their dreams and goals, Coco Avenue and MACG Productions began preparing for the change.

As Coco Avenue begins anew, MACG Productions will always look upon them with great pride and respect while cheering them on.

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