The start of 2017 was the start of new and improved directions for many members of MACG Productions‘ MACG Community. See what some of your favorite content creators are up to below!

The Jess Lyfe ended 2016 with the overwhelming support of Jess Lyfers — her fan base — and a mutual fan and YouTube gamer, as they pulled together and helped her purchase a new gaming computer. This week, her channel was dedicated to K-pop sexy moments, as requested by Jess Lyfers worldwide. Also, her K-pop content fans can now enjoy gaming content on her channel! Watch her first play of the year with the lights on.

Multifacetedacg hosted a State of the Channel Address for the first time to publicly announce upcoming content and a planned departure from pre-recorded music video reactions in May 2017. Her channel will still produce Hallyu Wave content, including populating a new playlist, “Jinju’s Hallyu Fever,” the return of “Lives Will Be Ruined,” and testing out new content with improv and sketch segments. The unexpected slam dunk? Her heartfelt letters from the “Here’s A Letter” series.

K-Pop 101 Robyn surpassed her goal of 1,500 subscribers on YouTube and has consistently uploaded music video reactions, stories and dance covers since before 2017 started. She’s also recently added “guest contributor” to her growing media experience with an opinion piece about GOT7’s BamBam.

Young Ajummah (your favorite ajummah) is taking viewers on a new music journey with her series “New Music Find” and recently (re-) introduced fans to Korean R&B artist Nieah. When your eyes need a break, put on your headphones and listen to her popular Aewen Radio podcast “Daebak City.”

DeShonda is increasing her K-Drama Paradise following with great commentary on Korean dramas. Hear her reasons why new drama “Voice” is a must-see.

Daebak K-pop with Immy grew to higher heights after closing out 2016 with an interview series of well-known YouTube personalities. Next on Immy’s schedule? Attending GOT7’s TURBULENCE in Houston tour stop to gift a lucky fan with entry into the show!


Continue to support our community and anticipate more announcements soon!


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