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Malaysian boy Jacky Chong kai missing since 2020. His dead body found

Malaysian boy Jacky Chong kai missing since 2020. His dead body found

From 2020 Jacky Chong Kai was missing. A Malaysian Jacky Chong Kai, who was missed in 2020. In 2020 police were investigating him, and finally, Police found his dead body. It became the main headline for everyone after the Police found the dead body of Jacky Chong Kai. After the investigation, Police found that the dead body remains likely to be of the missing wong.

Know Who was Jacky Chong Kai Wong?

For forensic examination and a DNA test, Police have handed over the dead body, and after the report comes, Police will be sure about the dead body. However, till now, Police have guessed that body is of Jacky Chong Kai because it has been a long time. Without any forensic examination, it is very difficult to examine the body. But after the forensic report comes, the doubt will be clear and can know about the body. But unfortunately, the recent investigation by Police has assured the public that law enforcement’s justice and hard work would take some time to reveal the truth.

The reason for his death has not been clear till now. Police are trying to get any clue about this murder mystery, but this case is very complicated. Finally, after such a long time, the Police found a body claimed to be Jacky Chong Kai Wong’s body. After the forensic report, it would be clear what is the reason behind Jacky Chong Kai’s death.

Jacky Chong Kai Wong Cause of Death –

Jacky Chong Kai was missing when he stayed in Australia on visiting Visa. He was a 24 years old boy who had been missing since December 2020. Jacky had come under affiliation with a southeast Asian crime group. The crime syndicate specialized in growing commercial amounts of Marijuana, and Jacky did work as a crop-sitter for the group. Jacky was looking at over 1,000 crops of illegal cannabis planted on the remote site.

Jacky went to Australia on a visit Visa, but he visited there, he came in contact with some southeast Asian crime groups. As a crop-sitter in the crime syndicate specialized in growing Marijuana and Wong was working with them, but in December 2020, he suddenly missed. A missing report has been reported to search jacky. But the Police could not find him, and even the Police did not get any clue about him. So everyone was very worried about him. But no one can find him or can get any clue about him.

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