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Manuela Allen murder: Where is Julius Mullins Now?

Manuela Allen

Manuela Allen and her husband, Peter, were seated inside their house watching Television on July 6, 2019. After watching TV, Manuela retired to her private chambers, while Peter slept off on the sofa while watching television. Peter stated he detected a slight pounding sound as he awoke, but at the time he really did not pay much attention to it. Peter was informed by his daughter that their mother is missing. Peter rushed into their bedroom but saw a puddle of blood and Manuela to nowhere be found. He reported Manuela to be missing and an investigation revealed Manuela’s car to be found near Lake Cooper. Near the car, an officer noticed something big wrapped in sheets. A closer inspection revealed it to be Manuela Allen’s corpse wrapped in sheets.

Who was Manuela Allen? Who killed Manuela Allen?

Manuela was born in Germany in April 1970. She relocated to America after completing her education and college there. In 1996, she was wedded to Peter Allen, and the couple relocated to Olney in 2008. The mother of four was a local high school teacher where she taught German and English. Manuela was said to be a kind instructor who went above and beyond to assist her students. 

An eyewitness on the crime scene revealed that he saw a young man riding a bicycle near Manuela’s car. The fingerprints in the car and the tire tracks belonged led the police to Julius Mullins, an 18-year-old high school student, and football player. Julius had dated Manuela’s daughter but they broke up soon after that. The fingerprints and tire tracks on the scene were definitely his. After further questioning, Julius acknowledged breaking into Manuela’s house and beating her when she was asleep. Julius also admitted to police that he rode in Manuela’s car and that he had left his DNA on the vehicle around a month before the crime. After eyewitness accounts and considerable forensic evidence linked Julius, he was apprehended just over a week after Manuela’s death. 

Where is Julius Mullins?

Julius confessed guilty to charges of one offense of murder, one charge of altering or interfering with forensic proof with a purpose to damage a dead body, and one charge of theft of a residence in May 2020. He was given 55-year imprisonment in prison for murdering a person, a 20-year term for theft, and a 20-year sentence for meddling, all three to be served consecutively. Julius is still detained at the James V. Allred Unit in Iowa Park, Texas, according to prison officials. In January 2047, he would be up for parole.

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