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Mark Fleischman the party boy is planning to die by suicide in Europe

Mark Fleischman the party boy is planning to die by suicide in Europe

Mark Fleischman was one of the biggest names of Newyork nightlife and he is tired of all of it. He owned Studio 54 which was the world’s finest club for the VIP and richest people in the world. He is 82 years old and he has talked to a swiss nonprofit organization that helps a man end his life with poison. They have a long screening process before assisting suicide or as normal people call murder. The group uses barbiturates to finish the job.

“I can’t walk, my speech is f–ked up and I can’t do anything for myself,” Fleischman told a news portal. “My wife helps me get into bed and I can’t dress or put on my shoes. I am taking a gentle way out. It is the easiest way out for me.”

Mark Fleischman is battling unknown disease for past 6 years:

Mark’s disease has bothered him and for the last 6 years, doctors have failed to find a solution. He is currently living in Marina Del Ray California.

He became the CEO of studio 54 when his partners were caught By a special police team on the charge of duping the government of $2.5 million.

Rubel and Schrager were sent to jail for 42 months each and fined $20 k. They were sent to a correctional facility in February 1980. Studio 54 was bought by Mark at $4.75 million dollars. he ran the operation for 4 years and then sold it to someone else.

 The club could not survive and was permanently closed in 1986.

Mark Fleischman wrote a tell-all book about studio 54:

He also wrote a tell-all book that how rich, celebrities gulped down alcohol and used drugs heavily.

There is also going to be a crime story around studio 54.

Mark Fleishman wanted to kill himself for some time.

Mark Fleischman

“I came to the decision slowly,” he said. “Two years ago, I decided that it wasn’t worth living. I took a lot of Xanax and ended up in the hospital.”

Mark Fleischman was revived then. But he said, “I read a book about ending life. I read in there that the easiest way is to suffocate. But I did not want the pain. I was going to buy a gun. But my wife interceded. We started looking into a place where it would be legal to find someone to do it with.”

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