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Mary Obering Veteran abstract painter and artist passes away at 85.

Mary Obering Veteran abstract painter and artist passes away at 85.

Mary had a niche audience who was admirers of her work. she was famous for Geometric abstraction and that gave her a tiny but kind fan circle.

Her work is showcased at New York’s Bortolami gallery, and the gallery says she handed her artwork for good causes.

her work had minimalism which is a modern trend but she used it decades ago. her artwork also featured centuries-old classic styles of painting.

in recent years her work was recognized very well and galleries were filled every time her artwork was showcased.

Mary was gifted and worked consistently till her death. she was a rare figure in new york.

 a prominent gallery  Kayne griffin also added her work to the roaster in 2018 although Kaye griffin is out of business now.

Mary Obering’s income and net worth:

no credible sources are available about her income and work.

Mary Obering education and work?

Obering was a bright student who reached Harvard university to pursue her degree. she was under the supervision of a behaviorist. she wanted to pursue higher education after Harvard and she went to Denver university in 1971 to get her M.F.A.

Mary Obering family and survivors?

 she kept a tight lid on her personal life. there is no credible information about her life and her husband and children.

Mary Obering Veteran abstract painter and artist passes away at 85.

Obering was an old person who believed in the older way so she stayed away from her social media and tried to maintain a normal life away from it. a lot of social media users become addicted to it which can lead to devastating results in their personal life and professional life.  a lot of the movie stars hire social media teams to look for their accounts because if they would be tweeting and posting all day they would be distracted from work

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