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MasterChef Australia Judge Jock Zonfrillo passed away At 46

Jock Zonfrillo
Source: foxnews

At 2 a.m. on Monday, police found MasterChef star Jock Zonfrillo’s body in a hotel on one of Melbourne’s most well-known streets. On Monday morning, Mr. Zonfrillo, 46, passed away in Melbourne. His wife Lauren and their four kids Ava, Sophie, Alfie, and Isla will miss him dearly.

The hotel was located on Lygon Street, a popular strip in Melbourne known for its many restaurants and pubs, and the find was made there. After Mr. Zonfrillo’s death in Carlton, police stated they will file a report with the coroner.

What happened to Jock Zonfrillo?

Jock Zonfrillo died away when he was 46 years old. He was a chef, author, and judge on the Australian version of MasterChef. On Monday, his loved ones revealed his Death, calling him “our irreplaceable husband, father, brother, son, and friend” who had died on Sunday in Melbourne. Network 10 in Australia and Endemol Shine, a production company, have issued a joint statement regarding Jock’s death. Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef, paid his respects by tweeting,

MasterChef Australia Judge Jock Zonfrillo passed away At 46

Source: RTE

Feeling utterly devastated by the news of Jock Zonfrillo’s untimely Death. I appreciated working with you on MasterChef Australia. In this time of sorrow, please know that Lauren and her family have my deepest sympathies Gx”

When asked on Facebook how he felt about appearing on the premiere episode of MasterChef Australia, famous chef Jamie Oliver responded, “in total shock.”

Although Network 10 had originally planned to premiere the new season of MasterChef Australia on Monday night, they have since postponed the premiere until next week. Following Mr. Zonfrillo’s passing, Network 10 informed The Guardian that the upcoming season of MasterChef Australia would be cancelled.

Reason for Jock Zonfrillo’s Death

Jock Zonfrillo had a kind and approachable demeanour, according to many who knew him. After hearing the current news, many people are likely wondering what killed Jock Zonfrillo.

Police in Victoria, Australia went to a home on Lygon Street at 2 a.m. on Monday to check on a man’s well-being and found him dead. A representative for the Victoria Police Department stated that the death did not appear to be suspicious. Before making the discovery, police were called to a hotel on Lygon Street, a popular strip in Melbourne filled with restaurants and nightclubs. After Mr. Zonfrillo’s death in Carlton, police said they will file a report with the coroner.

The chef was candid about his battles with addiction, anxiety, and OCD before his death in 2021. He shared his experience with anxiety and how he uses worry beads as a kind of self-care.

Zonfrillo is a famous Australian chef who famously beat a heroin addiction. He got his start in the industry in the United Kingdom, where he worked for the legendary chef Marco Pierre White.

Eliminating his drug use was, in his words, “the best thing I’ve ever done.”

His passing has only been confirmed; the circumstances surrounding his passing, including Jock Zonfrillo’s cause of death, remain shrouded in mystery. However, rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to gather information about the tragedy and present the most up-to-date updates as quickly as possible, while keeping in mind that family privacy should be respected.

Who is Jock Zonfrillo?

Jock, always upbeat, had his first job in a kitchen when he was just 13 years old. Hw was conceived in Italy and gave birth to a son in Scotland, born in Ayr in 1976. He began his career in the culinary industry at the tender age of 12. He began his apprenticeship at the young age of fifteen, and by the time he was seventeen, he was working under Marco Pierre White, one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs and a regular competitor on MasterChef.

At the age of 20, Zonfrillo went to Australia, where he opened Restaurant Orana, which was selected as Australia’s top restaurant by Gourmet Traveller in 2018 and Good Food Guide in 2019.

After dropping out of college, he began working in the Turnberry Hotel’s kitchen. In 2019, he announced to his followers on social media that he, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen will be judging the Australian version of MasterChef.

In addition to his success in the kitchen, Jock has started a side business selling “handmade” bracelets featuring skulls. There were a number of issues and rumours that followed Jock throughout his successful professional career.

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