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Maxim Sloboduan died due to a parachute failure. How did the skydiver die?

Maxim Sloboduan died due to a parachute failure. How did the skydiver die?

Maxim Sloboduan had spent years skydiving. he was a skydiving enthusiast. He was famous for his skills and thousands of skydiving fans appreciated his love for sports for years.

He was a known face among the skydiving community.

Skydiving needs brave people. He was a braveheart who jumped from the plane many times in his life. extremely difficult sports but he enjoyed it.

His Instagram account was filled with skydiving videos and pictures. he jumped from high-altitude planes.

He died in a parachute accident on July 17, 2022. he has left a vacuum among his fans. thousands of fans have gathered online to pay him tributes. Our team hopes such accidents do not repeat in the future.

Was it the parachute company’s fault that Maxim died?

Maxim Sloboduan was about to open the parachute but the rope on his chute got tangled and the rope could not open the parachute. he died a terrible death after falling thousands of feet from the sky.

his friends who jumped with him said he had a nice jump but at the time of opening his chute something wrong happened, they all see him going down on earth.

Maxim Sloboduan was a professional who has been jumping for years and it was meant for him to leave the earth on that day. his friends and fans will miss him.

Maxim Sloboduan died due to a parachute failure.

the scute didn’t inflate when it had to and that lead to the death of Maxim.

Who was Maxim Slobodan?

Maxim was a young man who was in his thirties. he had been jumping from planes for many years.

he was seen jumping from planes over the years. he was an experienced skydiver.

Social media presence of Maxim.

He was very popular on Instagram, TikTok. He had close to 185K followers

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