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Mc Skibbadee Dead (1953-2022): The shocking news of the death of Mc Skibbadee was reported by his family through social media.

Mc Skibbadee Dead
Mc Skibbadee Dead

The real name of Mc Skibbadee (He is the resident for NJC, Fever and all kool FM) was Alphonso Bondzie, but he was named such due to having talent and artistic quality of being the best MC in 2006-2010. We all have to know that his net worth is more or less $3 Million, but only money can not hold that precious life. We came to know from his child that he was no more alive, but the reason was still undiscovered.

Achievements that make Alphonso Bondzie an extraordinary Mc and how we differ from him:

His career started with the platform called City Sound Radio in the year 1993 and his 2x Freestyle project(1997), in collaboration with MC Det, is a fabulous masterpiece that is worth seeking the attention of everyone. He also achieved the best MC awards from various places and the drum n bass award. He is also a member of SASASAS, The Professionals and released albums and classics like “Unite” and “One Drop of Ecstasy ”. His video called “Inside Me” was a successful instance of his best works. Also, he was featured in Johnson & Johnson’s events by 1995. Such glorious sides of his life can not suppress the cruel reality that he had cancer. Despite it, he had won all the medals of life and died at the age of 54 on the 25 of February.


 Tributes from the follower and fans of Mc Skibbadee:

Undoubtedly, he is a jewel in the British Musical World, and he is an inspiration to many people to start the journey as an MC; for instance, one of his fans says that “He’s the reason I became an MC. I’m so honoured and blessed that I got the chance to perform with you bro. RIP.”. And all that mentioned is a starting of the list of instances of tribute that Mc skibbadee has. There are tons of love and tributes of the followers and fans flooded over the social media pages for this fantastic personality.

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