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Medical Doctor Chinelo Dead, Obituary, Passed Away, Photos

Medical Doctor Chinelo Dead
Medical Doctor Chinelo Dead

Dr Megafu Chinelo, a Nigerian woman, was assassinated on Monday. What was Dr Chinelo’s name, and what caused her death? Dr Chinelo was assaulted on the Abuja-Kaduna train on Monday. Many people were attacked and shot during that event. Continue reading to find out what happened to Dr Chinelo. “It appears that we are not sympathetic to a cause.” Nobody knows what she is doing or where she is right now, but the responses here are slightly off the mark. She isn’t responding to messages or seeing replies. Are we now inconsiderate, and have our human feelings vanished? “We should be concerned because it could be anyone,” he tweeted.

Who is Dr Chinelo?

Chinelo, a recently deceased Nigerian woman, was tragically killed in a car accident. What was Dr Chinelo’s name, and what caused her death? Megafu Chinelo, a young doctor, was killed in Monday’s train attack between Abuja and Kaduna. According to one of her friends, the doctor was supposed to leave the country on Friday. Dr Chinelo was a Parcel Medico sponsor and member. Her way of life was refined and delightful. She worked as a medical-dental surgeon at St. Gerald Hospital in Kaduna. “Dr Chinelo was making a respectable living at Kaduna’s St Gerald’s Hospital, but she yearned for more and submitted papers to leave this hellhole,” a deceased friend wrote on Twitter. She resigned from her position with the company last month. But then this happened. Why did you choose Nigeria?”

Abuja Kaduna Train Attack:

According to reports, thieves allegedly attacked a train traveling from Abuja to Kaduna on Monday night. Criminals murdered Dr. Chinelo Megafu on the Abuja-Kaduna train, and his death has sparked outrage on social media. She died late Monday due to her injuries and inability to support herself. As previously stated, the young doctor was killed on Monday in the Abuja-Kaduna train disaster. Before assaulting the passengers, the shooters allegedly blew up the train track. Dr. Chinelo was one of approximately 970 people on board when terrorists attacked the train. Dr. Chinelo took to Twitter shortly after the incident occurred, at 9:43 p.m., to ask Nigerians to pray for her. Terrorists attacked the train on Monday night, killing and injuring several passengers and forcing the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to suspend service between Abuja and Kaduna. The NRC announced on its Twitter page. When it was unclear whether more explosive devices were planted inside or outside their packed vehicle, the terrorists killed several people and injured others. This tragedy is just one example of many across Africa.

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