Ashley Griffin

Ashley Griffin is a diverse writer, blogger, and YouTube Personality. A nomad at heart. Find “Multifacetedacg” on YouTube and shoot her a message on Twitter.

Shailaja Marion

Shailaja (or Shai for short) has been writing for a long time, but it was only after falling into the K-pop hole in 2016 that she decided to try her hand at online journalism. 

Cy White
Assc. Managing Editor


TJ Cummings
Junior Writer

TJ is a digital journalist with MACG Magazine focusing on music, creative writing and fashion. With 14 years of unpublished creative writing experience under his belt, this is his first foray into the world of digital journalism.

Robyn Rush

Robyn Rush is a Hallyu YouTuber who occasionally moonlights as a contributor for MACG Magazine.

Tina Rodriguez
Digital Generalist

Tina Rodriguez is a new digital journalist with MACG Magazine focusing on event coverage and TV entertainment.

Sandra Toure
Digital Journalist

Sandra Toure, aka Sandi, is a writer who specializes in Japanese and Korean entertainment. She has been a part of both scenes for over 12 years with hopes to continue riding this crazy train!

Kameron Webb

Kameron is a writer, digital journalist and photographer from the Midwest with a passion for music, entertainment and literature. A hardcore nerd at heart, she gleefully tackles topics ranging from the Hallyu tidal wave to every corner of the Marvel Multiverse.


Promotion & PR

Jay Ventanilla
Social Media Manager

J.Ventinilla (also known as Simply Jay or Jay for short) is a writer and YouTuber focusing on the Hallyu Wave (specifically K-Pop) but gives other glimpses into her life through her channel.

Immy Edwards
#HallyuChat Director

Immy is a U.S. East Coast girl who writes about the world she has never seen with an open heart. She spends her time writing for a Hallyu blog and hosting her own K-pop radio show.

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Taylor Amani
Social Media Coordinator
Twitter Page

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