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Megan Maryanski: Tik Tok Star Died At The Age Of 19 Due To Cancer

Megan Maryanski
Image credit- MSN

Megan Maryanski, a Tiktok celebrity, Instagram influencer, and cancer survivor, went suddenly following a protracted cancer fight. Find out more about Megan Maryanski’s cancer journey and death.

How Did Megan Maryanski Died?

After a protracted struggle with cancer, Megan Maryanski, a young woman, passed away. The note states, “A statement confirms the news of her death.”

I’m at a loss for words. I’ve read online that Megan passed away. Having only met her once, I found her to be quite sweet and body-obsessed. Many people were moved by her! Be at ease!

Wow, this morning’s awful news indeed is horrible. Peace be with you, Megan Maryanski. You have influenced and inspired a lot of people, and we shall all miss you.

Who Was Megan Maryanski?

She was famous on tik-tok. Funds are being raised for Megan’s girlfriend by her boyfriend. Jeremy Meinert This is the tale of my girlfriend, Megan Maryanski, and I’m Justin Meinert. Megan was identified as having osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer, in January 2018. Megan is 19 years old and is ineligible for Make-A-Dream, but I still want to grant her her biggest wish. Megan is always willing to assist others, therefore I want to assist in returning the favour.

Megan Maryanski

Image credit- MSN

Megan’s Love Of Vehicles

We both love cars: me, Megan. We first spoke at a small Atlanta car event called Caffeine and Octane because of this. She’s always had a fierce enthusiasm for the automobile industry, but she’s never had the opportunity to own something.

She had a knee injury while serving in the US Army, and it turned out to be osteosarcoma; as a result of her new cancer history and the numerous operations she has had thus far as part of her treatment, she will never be able to re-enlist.

An Amputated Leg

Megan’s right leg will need to be amputated above the knee on July 13th after 6 rounds of painful chemotherapy, more than half a year of treatment, and a failed surgery in which her femur, knee, and tibia were removed and replaced with metal.

In addition, the pathology results showed that Megan’s cancer did not respond to chemotherapy. This is due to the fact that two days after her limb-salvage surgery, a drug-resistant infection contaminated the hardware in her leg.

She can no longer drive with conventional pedals because her right leg has been severed. It would be a dream come true to be able to give her something like this.


1. Who was Megan Maryanski?

A.She was a tik tok star

2. What was her profession?

A. Influencer

3. What was Megan Maryanski Nationality?

A. American

4. How old was Megan Maryanski?

A. 19 years old

5. What happened to Megan Maryanski?

A. She died due to cancer

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