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Mia Bezar, Penn college junior, passed away at 20

Mia Bezar
Mia Bezar

Pennsylvania mourns the loss of their beloved student. Mia Bezar, a UPenn junior student has passed away recently and has left her friends and family in a state of mourning and sadness. Mia was only 20 years old at the time of her untimely demise and had a very hopeful future lined up for her. 

Who was Mia Bezar?

Mia Bezar was a junior at college and a very bright student. Her friends and family are shocked by this news and have been mourning the loss of their beloved Mia. Mia Bezar was an excellent student and she was very friendly with her fellow classmates. Mia Bezar was a resident of Philadelphia who attended the William Charter and Baldwins Schools before enrolling at Penn. Bezar was majoring in political theory and minoring in urban planning and French and Francophone studies at Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences. She seems to have been a talented College student who was very gentle and helpful to others around her. She was interested in helping in finding solutions regarding global warming and other environmental issues, and she was employed at the climate think tank Earth Refuge as a collaborations and public affairs officer.

How did Mia Bezar Die?

Mia Bezar was informed to have passed away by Mamta Motwani Accapadi, “Mia’s family wishes for her to be remembered for her profound kindness and compassion.” Speculations have arisen about this being a case of suicide but there is no conclusive proof of the same right now. The college has provided the students with psychological help and therapy following this incident and has asked them to be strong in these dire times. Her friends and family said they still do not know anything and have refused to comment on the situation for now. Her funeral will take place soon with details to be followed.

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