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Micheal Redfern legendary Oxo Dad actor and star passed away at 79

Micheal Redfern legendary Oxo Dad actor and star passed away at 79

Micheal Redfern was a shining star in the advertisement industry. he was a regular on Oxo ads for over 16 years. Micheal Redfern and his advertisement wife Lynda Bellingham worked together on the OXO Ad from 1983 to 1999. it is a huge achievement in the advertising industry. people usually get tired of ad faces and ad creativity in a very short span of time but his iconic style gave him 16 years of screen time fone one company.

His death is confirmed by his son as he paid tribute to his late father who died at 79.

His son Ashley said: “Over the years, he was cast in a variety of roles including leading parts in the soap opera United!, The Newcomers, as well as roles in classics such as The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Some Mothers, Do Av ‘Em.

“He of course was best known for his role in the Oxo commercials, which he did for 17 years and became a much-loved figure in one of Britain’s favorite television families.

“He will be greatly missed by his wife Carol and his family,” he told The Mirror.

Michal’s work as oxo dad brought him recognition and his work made him a famous star in the advertisement industry.  He has a mustache that changed a lot for him and his fans loved his stache look.

Michael Redfern’s onscreen wife already died many years ago:

Lynda his on-screen wife already passed away 6 years ago. both of them made huge amounts of money and recognition with that one single ad. Lynda had her husband with her when she died.

Micheal Redfern legendary Oxo Dad actor and star passed away at 79

Micheal Redfern was a very self-aware man. he said he was the face but Lynda was the actor. an ordinary person can’t see the detailing in a scene but the person who was doing it all his life understood it very well.

Lynda was affected by colorectal cancer in July 2013 and she went through some chemotherapy sessions which were later stopped in august 2014 she told the media that she will be gone in months.

Michael Redfern was also  a Tv star who appeared in hundreds of episodes:

Michael Redfern was also part of famous comedy shows like the porridge and two Ronnies and they worked well as well.

He performed in several soap operas, most prominently starring in 59 episodes of United! and 128 episodes of The Newcomers.

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