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Milagros Soto, 12, Passes Away After Doing Viral TikTok challenge

Milagros Soto
Milagros Soto; image credits- The Republic Monitor

A 12-year-old Argentinian girl lost her life after taking part in the horrible “choking challenge,” which TikTok made popular.

Milagros Soto

Milagros Soto; image credits- The Republic Monitor

Who Is Milagros Soto?

Milagros Soto lost her life after participating in the risky TikTok challenge. Milagros Soto, 12, was set to start high school in 2023, but on Friday, he was found dead. Her family asserted that she was the target of a social media challenge. The girl lived in a town called Capitan Bermudez. Over the weekend, she visited her father.

How Did Milagros Soto Die?

She passed away in her father’s house, where she had lived since her parent’s divorce. According to Jam Press, after the incident on January 13 in Capitán Bermudez, Santa Fe Province, the victim’s aunt Laura Luque said that Her niece Milagros Soto, who supposedly attempted the dreadful TikTok trend known as the “choking challenge,” was discovered dead in her home. The “blackout challenge” is a horrible prank that challenges Tiktok users to suffocate until they pass out.

Videos are frequently seen on TikTok. There are, however, certain dangerous TikTok inclinations. Viral TikTok trends boost the popularity of the app. A recent fad that has entered the List is the “challenge.” The “blackout challenge” first emerged on TikTok in 2021, but it has just reappeared. The CDC estimates that it killed about 80 kids. The unique viral trend may be dangerous, experts have cautioned, as it can result in fainting, brain damage, seizures, as well as other unpleasant outcomes. It is not recommended for usage by young people, according to experts. The same viral threat is thought to have killed UK teenagers Leon Brown, 14, and Archie Battersbee, 12, over the summer.

According to Jam Press, Milagros Soto tried the challenge twice and was successful, but on the third attempt, he was unable to loosen the noose. Luque lamented the fact that “on the third occasion, she was unable to take the rope from her neck” about the deadly occurrence that was seen on camera. It is still unknown why Soto tried the dangerous stunt. However, according to her aunt, the girl got a WhatsApp text with a link to the task.

Autopsy Report Of Milagros Soto

Milagros Soto died of “mechanical asphyxia by hanging,” per the autopsy reports, and there were no indications of abuse or outside meddling. The death of Soto is the subject of an inquiry by the police. The summary states that the police showed up at the residence on Friday at 1:54 PM. They asserted that the death would have happened at about 1:15 pm. The video of the incident was found by officers when they removed a cell phone from the scene. They will also check to see if any of their classmates participated in a video call that started there. The Rosario Regional Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of her phone, which was given to Juan Carlos Ledesma, the prosecutor.


1. When did Milagros Soto die?

Ans. 13 January 2023

2. What is the age of Milagros Soto?

Ans. 12 years old

3. What is the cause of Milagros Soto’s death?

Ans. mechanical asphyxia by hanging

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