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Mimi Parker dies: What Was Mimi Parker Cause Of Death?

Mimi Parker dies

Mimi Parker of Low, whose unearthly vocals helped create slowcore, died after a battle with cancer. Let’s examine Mimi Parker’s cancer treatment and cause of death in more details.

Who Was Mimi Parker?

The drummer, singer, and composer for the Minnesota indie band, Mini Parker, was extremely well-known. Founded in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1993, Low is an American indie rock band. The band consists of Steve Garrington on percussion, Mimi Parker on guitar, and Alan Sparhawk on vocals. She was a drummer who was quite well-known and who garnered a lot of admiration for her best work. The news of Mini Parker’s passing caused a lot of people to feel shocked and sad, and many people have been sending her family condolence messages on social media.

Mini Parker, who was 55 years old, passed away after a protracted fight with cancer. Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker’s husband and bandmate, has verified the news of Mini Parker’s death.

How did Mimi Parker die?

Mimi Parker’s husband and bandmate Alan Sparhawk announced her demise. The Minnesota indie band Low’s Mimi Parker served as their drummer, singer, and composer. Parker was told that she had ovarian cancer in December 2020. Her approximate age was either 54 or 55. The band shared the details on social media.

“Friends, it’s difficult to sum up the entire world in a few sentences, but She passed away last night surrounded by affection from her family and friends, including yours. Keep her name sacred and protected. Give someone who wants it the chance to take advantage of this. Indeed, love is the most important aspect.

Mimi Parker’s Cancer battle

Due to recent health difficulties with Mimi, Low had to cancel their upcoming international vacation.

According to the American indie music duo, “travel is problematic at this time” due to “changes in Mimi Parker’s cancer therapy.”

In a SHEROES Radio podcast episode from January, Parker—who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020—spoke out for the first time this year.

Their performances at All Points East on August 26 and the UK’s Connect Festival on August 27 will also be affected by the postponements.

The band posted on Instagram that it would have to cancel its upcoming shows this month in Wales, Scandinavia, England, and Scotland.

What was the cause of death for Mimi Parker?

The drummer lost her fight with ovarian cancer, according to Alan Sparhawk, the musician’s spouse and bandmate, who made the tragic announcement over the weekend.
It’s difficult to put the universe into words and into a brief statement, but she passed away last night, surrounded by family and affection, including yours, according to a tweet on the rock band’s official page.

“Sacrifice and guard her name. Bring someone who needs you into this moment. The most significant factor is love, in fact.

With John Nichols as the first bassist, the pair started Low in Minnesota, USA, in 1993. There have since been four bassists for the band.
The trio put out 13 studio albums, including their well-received debut, “I Could Live in Hope,” in 1994.
As a result of Mimi’s failing health, the band was forced to postpone a number of performances this year.
There were trying times, but Alan said on Instagram at the time, “Your love has supported us and will continue to lift us during this time.”
“Our hearts immediately go out to others who are through a similar situation but who aren’t receiving as many well wishes for love and healing.


1.  Who was Mimi?

Ans. Mimi Parker was a drummer, vocalist, and songwriter. She was the musician for the Minnesota Indie Band Low.

2. What was Mimi Parker Cause of Death?

Ans. She died of Ovarian cancer. She was suffering from this illness since December 2020.

3. Who was Mimi’s husband?

Ans. Her husband’s name is Alan Sparhawk.

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