Visual storyteller and photographer Yohan Yoon, one half of the creative force behind NBC Asian America‘s series Beyond Belief, is preparing to create a compilation book in honor of Asian American Heritage Month. The ambitious project, Bow (I Will Not), will span 120 pages with words and imagery about community, culture, art and resistance.


“Asian-Americans hear this command from every angle: at home, school, media, and even our places of worship: ‘Bow.'” States Yoon, a Korean American who calls Southern California home. “Wherever we turn — fromour heritage cultures to mainstream America — we often find space only by buying into pre-existing hierarchies of authority and identity.”

Yoon goes on to say, “There is another option: to defy conventional narratives and instead forge our own stories of resistance and creation. Bow is a book I’m making with a group of my friends – Asian-American creators and our collaborators. It’s a guidebook to fighting conformity through choosing to live creatively, communally, and sacrificially.”

Credit: Yohan Yoon

Learn about the project; other curators and contributors, such as hip-hop and spoken word artist Jason Chu and more on the official Kickstarter page.

Ashley Griffin is a diverse writer, blogger and YouTube Personality. A nomad at heart, Ms. Griffin currently resides in Houston, Texas. Find “Multifacetedacg” on YouTube and shoot her a message on Twitter.



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