Korean Beauty products have become quite popular recently. Idols and Korean actors have been becoming CF kings and queens while backing their favorite products. Outside of Korea K-beauty products have been popping up in department stores, cosmetics stores and even in your local drugstore. But what if you are unsure where to begin? With so many different types of products and colors, you may feel overwhelmed. Enter K-beauty boxes. Korean beauty boxes offer a variety of products for you to try without you feeling overwhelmed. Read on to find out the different types of boxes and what they have to offer.


MemeBox was launched in 2012 and considers themselves the best way to discover and purchase the newest Korean beauty products and skin care. One of their best sellers is the #BeginWithSkin box.  The box contains full-sized products and explicit directions on how to use each product. Box prices vary from $20 to $50. MemeBox currently only ships to the United States.

mishiboxMishiBox is a US based company that provides a monthly subscription box that contains full-sized Korean beauty products.  Unlike Memebox, MishiBox requires you to buy multiple months in advance in order to receive their boxes. The prices vary from $19.95 per month to a one-time payment of $239 for 12 months of boxes. MishiBox ships to the US, Canada and the UK.

3B, which stands for Beauty Beyond Borders, is an Asian beauty product company that is based on the west coast of the States. Their focus is Korean products though they occasionally have Japanese products. 3B uses deluxe sample sized products. Each pouch is $12 a month and contains 4-5 Asian beauty products. Currently, there is a waiting list to start receiving a box, and they only ship to the US.
korea box
Korea Box focuses on the Korean culture in entirety. The purchaser can choose from several types of boxes (K-Snack, K-beauty, K-pop) and for a certain fee, can have it shipped worldwide.  The Korean beauty box contains 5-7 products that change each month for $49.99 while the “mini” contains 2-3 products for $26.99. Korea Box is based out of Seoul, South Korea and boasts that all items are authentic and hard to find outside of the country.
Was there any Korean beauty box I missed? Have you purchased a box and loved it? Let me know in the comment section below!
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