I first heard about KoreanMall in the trenches of YouTube’s comment section. People will often recommend stores and praise their affordability, but YesAsia had turned out to be the cheapest for me time and time again because I tend to buy in bulk. I decided to look into it anyway, and my jaw honestly dropped a little when I saw the prices. The result was overwhelmingly positive when I dug around for unboxings, so I placed an order shortly after.


I bought four albums (plus a free poster) on Aug. 10 and quickly received a text confirmation after paying. Because my order was over $49, it qualified for free shipping even though the total weight was pretty hefty (4.5lb). The package was shipped to me on Aug. 19 via UPS with tracking and arrived on Aug. 22.

I was a little concerned that the box didn’t look like what I’d seen in videos – it was wrapped in plastic, which is a plus if anything, but the box itself had been cut and manipulated to fit the size of the contents. I’ve received orders like this before from other vendors, but it can compromise the integrity of the packaging.

Thankfully, everything arrived safely. The folded poster was oddly enough outside of the main package but undamaged. The albums were in great condition too, though one of them had a very slightly dented corner.

Beast – Highlight, FTIsland – Where’s the Truth, Winner – 2014 S/S LE, and Winner – Exit: E

For this order, the difference between KM and YesAsia was $59.46. The bulk of that came from the insanely low price of the large Winner album, but the smaller albums still added up to a $15.04 difference.

I’m incredibly pleased and admittedly planning to order again soon. KoreanMall has the best prices I’ve seen for albums as well as merch, and the free folded posters is a nice bonus. Their selection is somewhat limited if you’re looking for older releases or lesser known artists, but it seems like they’re adding new things weekly and rapidly expanding.

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