Located in Doraville, Georgia, the Cafe Mozart Bakery was a rare treasure find for me during a recent trip to Atlanta.  While the chain is not particularly small–there are several locations throughout the Doraville and Duluth area of Georgia–if you aren’t aware of what Cafe Mozart Bakery has to offer, then you’ll likely pass by it without a second glance.

Looking at the outer layer of the cafe, it seems…normal. Just another bakery on the street, another small hole-in-the-wall place to study or grab a quick cup of coffee before a busy day. It is insignificant.


But, once you step through those paneled doors the game changes. All of the sudden, Cafe Mozart Bakery is the epitome of quaintness and delicacy, and you are the normal one. Perhaps the “realization effect” comes from the fact that because of the wood on the door, the inside of the cafe remains a mystery until you physically enter the building; it might also stem from the sheer openness of Cafe Mozart Bakery.

Cafe Mozart Bakery seems to thrive off of their “open concept” layout; the chairs seated nicely around various tables and there’s a mini-library on the wall that screams “please study here.” More exciting than the neat study space, though, is the food, which is visible and waiting to be purchased and consumed upon entering.

It takes a while to make a decision on what to order. There are so many selections not only from food items, but also from their vast array of coffees, teas, and smoothies. In the end, I decided to go back to the basics and got a simple bread roll filled with red bean paste and black milk tea with mango jellies.



Because the Cafe Mozart Bakery holds true to its name, there were no ‘regular food’ items  the on menu. Everything for sale was either a beverage or a pastry of some sort and was individually wrapped for personal consumption (unless you purchase a whole cake). The bread was the perfect snack-sized item and the drink sizes offered were 16oz and 20oz, which are bound to last a while!


To say that this bread was the best I’ve ever had would be an understatement. This bread beat them all. It was the king, the ultimate champion, the emperor of all other breads. Imagine the fluffiest bread roll to ever be created (potentially a Pillsbury Crescent x5000), and then fill it with just the right amount of sweet red bean paste (a popular ingredient found in Korean sweets); if you can imagine that, then you understand only about half of how well this tasted.

While complimenting the bread, major kudos must be given to the tea and jellies. Owing to the overwhelmed feeling that crept into my mind while staring at the menu, I resorted to doing what I do best when I don’t know what to order: I asked the person behind the counter. The gentlemen working that morning was very nice and recommended the black milk tea (a popular item) and the mango jellies (which–in his opinion–was the lesser evil out of all the jellies). He could not have picked a better combination. The tea was the perfect combination of milkiness and spices, while the jellies weren’t overly saturated with the tea so they remained a nice gummy texture.


It is time to ditch the local Starbucks. At the moment of truth, the bread and the total rang in with a combined total of $5.37 (the bread was $1.68 while the tea was $3.69) which is a huge relief to the wallet. Not only were the items I purchased inexpensive, but Cafe Mozart Bakery had several other great deals at the time (12 waffles of your choice for $5.99, $0.69 macaroons).

To visit the Cafe Mozart Bakery website for the Doraville, GA location, click here.


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