Move over, Ken.

Earlier this year, YG Entertainment released the first ever life-like BIGBANG action figures. For around $315 a piece, you can own your own pint-sized version of one of the biggest groups in Korean entertainment. The action figures are already being bought and sold for as much as $439 on Ebay and it isn’t hard to see why.

2017 has been an interesting year for Big Bang. Fans may recall the alarming news that surrounded rapper T.O.P this summer shortly before G-Dragon’s world tour hit the United States. Unsurprisingly, fans have remained supportive.

Taeyang figure

These figures are detailed. Insanely detailed. Back in my day (N*SYNC dolls, anyone?), it was a big deal when Barbie, G.I. Joe and other action figures had bendable knees. Then again, those were toys. The BIGBANG figures have all the makings of little copies. Taking the imagery of their hit “Bang Bang Bang” and the MADE tour, the figures have been styled with near absurd perfection. Textured skin and hair, bones and veins visible in the hands — even the abs look uncomfortably realistic. Having attended both a BIGBANG and GD concert, I can assure you that the designers and manufacturers were not playing around.


The clothing on the figures may actually be higher quality than anything in my own closet. GD sports his fluffy coat while Taeyang is decked out in black “leather.” Seungri rocks multiple layers, including fringe. We can’t see Daesung’s eyes, but fans can at least admire the “fur”-topped jacket. T.O.P wears his iconic MADE jacket and peeks out from beneath a cowboy hat. Each figure sports a unique expression. Their faces may just be the most detailed feature of all. But is it worth the cost?

That is a question left up to the fans. Though the idea of purchasing an action figure for around the price of a concert ticket does not appeal to me, I have no doubt owning one (or perhaps all) of them will make some fans very, very happy.

Plan on adding BIGBANG to your Christmas list? Check out the official YG shop and tell us what you think!

(YG Entertainment.)

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