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Missing: A 14 Year-Old Kingston Girl Abby Carter, Went Missing

Abby Carter
Image credit- Reuters

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has requested that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol issue an Amber Alert for 14-year-old Abby Carter. Let’s examine further information regarding what transpired to Abby Carter.

What Happened To Abby Carter?

Carter was last seen on January 16 in Kingston, Oklahoma, while sporting black jacket, blue trousers, and a backpack, according to OHP. She is 130 lbs. and 5′ 01″ tall. She also has green eyes and blonde hair.

Marshall County residents are worried about a local missing person case. The primary concern of all parties is the safe recovery of the Missing girl. I hope she’s found quickly and is in great condition.

Who Is The Suspect?

Amy Payne, 43, is the suspect, according to OHP. Payne is 150 lbs. and 5′ 04″ tall. The following information on the suspect has been officially released. There is no other information supplied. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has issued this Amber Alert on behalf of Marshall County. She is the suspect in the Missing case involving Abby Carter.

Alert For Amber Issued

A 14-year-old from Marshall County is the subject of an Amber Alert. On Monday, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office requested the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to issue an Amber Alert. Around 2:50 on Monday afternoon, 14-year-old Abby Carter was last seen on Kingston’s Rainbow Lane. At this time, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is unable to describe the vehicle. Make a 9-1-1 call if seen.

Abby Carter

Image credit- Reuters

What Is An Amber Alert ?

An Amber Alert, also known as an AMBER Warning or a child abduction emergency alert, is sent out by a child abduction alert system to solicit help from the public in locating kidnapped children.

The method was developed in the United States. Additionally, AMBER Alert has joined together with Google, Bing, and Facebook to spread awareness of an AMBER Alert to a wider audience.


1. Who is Abby Carter?

A. She is a 14 years old girl

2. What is her Nationality?


3. How old is Abby Carter?

A. 14 years old

4. What happened to Abby Carter?

A. She went missing

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