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Missing: A 22 Year Old Student, Steven Mainwaring Found Dead

Steven Mainwaring
Image credit- The Independent

Missing student from OSU discovered dead on Marys Peak. Let’s learn more about his whereabouts and the Steven Mainwaring missing person case.

The Body Of Steven Mainwaring Was Discovered

A 22-year-old missing Oregon State University student was reportedly found dead on Marys Peak in Benton County on Sunday, according to the Corvallis Police Department. Just before five o’clock, volunteers helping with the hunt for Steven Mainwaring discovered a Ford Bronco in a remote area of Marys Peak near Philomath.

Police reported that they found Mainwaring’s body close by. According to deputies, there is no sign of criminal activity or foul play.

Statement From The Corvallis Police Department

Anyone with information on Steven Mainwaring’s whereabouts or his car is urged to call the Corvallis Police Department at (541) 766-6911.

Deputies from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a remote area of Mary’s Peak today at 4:54 PM in response to information on Steven Mainwaring, a missing Corvallis resident. A vehicle matching the description of the Ford Bronco Mainwaring was believed to be driving was discovered, according to volunteers who had been helping with the search for Mainwaring.

Steven Mainwaring

Image credit- Mirror

The Steven Mainwaring Missing Case

Klamath Falls resident Steven Mainwaring is gone, and both his family and the police are looking for him. A guy from Oregon has gone missing, and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office is helping with the search in Klamath County. A great amount of effort will be put into the search beginning tomorrow at noon.

Steven Mainwaring, 22, is said to have been missing by his family for more than a week in northern Oregon. It is asking for help in locating him.

Who Was Steven Mainwaring?

According to the data, Mainwaring attends Oregon State University and is a student of engineering. And a member of the Kingsley Air Field in Klamath Falls-based Oregon Air National Guard Unit. He comes from Klamath Falls, and he’s been out hiking.

He was reported as being about 175 pounds, 6’2″ tall, with blonde hair and eyes. He is thought to have disappeared on December 18, 2022, in the Alsea area. He is apparently driving a 1994 blue Ford Bronco with the Oregon licence plate 196LRU, according to his family.


1. Who was Steven Mainwaring?

A. A young teenage engineering student from Oregon State University

2. What was his height?

A. 6.2 inch

3. How old was Steven Mainwaring?

A. 22 years old

4. What happened to Steven Mainwaring?

A. He was found dead

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