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Missing Felicia Scroggins Found Dead: Who is Felicia Scroggins?

Felicia Scroggins Missing

Missing Felicia Scroggins Found Dead: Recently, the latest news and social media reports have revealed that the search for missing Felicia Scroggins is now over. According to reports, it is being said that Felicia Scroggins has been found dead, due to which the people of the community are completely broken. In this article we will discuss in detail all the things related to the death of Felicia Scroggins.

How did Felicia Scroggins Die? What is Felicia Scroggins Cause of Death?

Felicia Scroggins Missing

Everyone in the community is deeply saddened by a recent heart-wrenching incident. Missing Felicia Scroggins has been found dead, according to reports. Her family said they had received news just 24 hours earlier that their daughter and granddaughter were in Paris, Texas.

“People won’t understand what it feels like unless they’ve been there,” Graham said. It’s been so many years of not being able to figure it out and you’ve tried the police, you’ve tried CPS, and I even got a lawyer. No one will help you”

“They were going to arrest me for stalking,” Graham says. I had to go in my car. And I never got a chance to see my grandson. They didn’t let me meet her,” “She was in that van. I saw my daughter’s face from five hundred feet. She screamed, ‘Brandi Graham, you’re going to hell!’ You are no longer my family.”

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