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Missing Report About 13 Year Old Girl Lyla Jane Lake

Lyla-Jane Lake
Image credit- daily Mail

As ‘very worried’ police continue their hunt for Lyla-Jane Lake, 13, who went missing on Wednesday and missed the entirety of Christmas with her family, shears her father’s heartbreaking plea.

Missing Lyla Jane Lake Case

13-year-old Lyla Jane Lake went missing on Wednesday, and her father has since made a heartfelt plea for daughter to “just return home safe.”

Brown-eyed When Lyla disappeared from her home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, she was unable to spend Christmas with her family. Lyla is the cousin of Olympic high jumper Morgan Lake. Nobody has seen or heard from her since that moment.

Police have said they are “extremely concerned” about the young girl’s well-being after thorough searches in her home country have so far yielded no results.

Before asking for anyone with knowledge on her whereabouts to come forward, her father Nathan Lake told his teenage daughter directly, “Daddy loves you.”

Lyla-Jane Lake

Image credit- daily Mail

Lyla is described as having a medium frame, being of mixed race, and standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has brown eyes and long brown hair, and her final outfit was a black Puffa jacket and grey jogging bottoms. She carried a Sports Direct bag with her for her entire life.

Officers have previously appealed for information, and they are still doing so in an effort to locate missing 13-year-old Lyla Lake from Basingstoke. She was last seen on the evening of December 21 on Simmons Walk in Basingstoke, at which point she was declared missing. Currently, police are releasing a CCTV photograph of Lyla that shows her at Reading Train Station.

An Urgent Call To Locate Lyla-Jane Lake

Everybody is here to help. They merely desire Lyla’s safe return home. Lyla was last seen wearing a black Puffa jacket, grey jogging pants, and a Sports Direct bag for life. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, of mixed race, with a medium body, long brown hair, and brown eyes, according to the police.

Jeremy Bailey, who is assisting in planning the search for Lyla, gave the volunteers instructions to knock on houses with cameras and leave leaflets with the residents.


1. Who is Lyla-Jane Lake?

A. She is the cousin of Olympic high jumper Morgan Lake.

2. What is Lyla-Jane Lake Nationality?


3. How old is Lyla-Jane Lake?

A. 13 years old

4. What happened to Lyla-Jane Lake?

A. She went missing

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