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Missoula Mayor John Engen’s reason for death? How did the 57-year-old die?

Missoula Mayor John Engen's reason for death?

Missoula Mayor John Engen’s reason for death? 

Missoula’s longest-serving mayor Jhon Engen passed away on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022, of pancreatic cancer. City officials confirmed his death. He lived on earth for 57 years.

John Engen has won record 5 times regularly as a mayor. After he won the fifth time He announced that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. he had a tumor on his liver.

City spokesperson Ginny Merriam announced the Death of John in a news release.

Gwen Jones is given the responsibility of interim Mayor until a new mayor is selected.

He was “an amazing mayor who brought this town forward and turned into a city,” Jones said. “The creative, beautiful Missoula that we all know and love.”

Achievements of John Engen:

The biggest achievement of Engen was utilizing the city’s power of eminent domain to purchase the water company that was controlling the city.

The legal case went on for years and millions of dollars were invested into the future of the people. the legal team and John convinced people that the money spent will be used well by future generations. the long-term benefits of water usage outweigh the money paid.

Engen wanted to solve the issue of homelessness and wanted to provide affordable housing to all the natives. This was the reason he won a record 5th time.

After sharing his pancreatic diagnosis, Engen said that he had “high hopes that treatment will extend my life so I can continue the service I love among talented, committed colleagues and the community. I’ve got a long list and hope to make my way through it”

Engen wanted to increase % the 12 tax to meet inflation increase and pay for hospital services to covid patients. these services were previously provided by the federal government.

John Engen was a journalist who worked in the city:

He was a prominent member of the Missoula City Council for four years before he was elected mayor in 2005 which was not his first career, initially, he was a journalist. that is why he understood the aspirations of the people really well and translated that into historic success.

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