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Misty Carter’s Murder: Who murdered Misty Carter all those years ago? Where is her killer now?

Misty Carter’s Murder
Misty Carter’s Murder

Misty Carter’s body was recovered on the Blue Ridge Highway, a beautiful route that passes through the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, in October 2009. What led to the murder of this young woman, is the question we are going to answer today in this article.  The 21-year-old victim was found unconscious on the roadside on the parkway. Someone had managed to light up Misty’s body on fire, which was naked beside a headscarf. Misty was dating her 37-year-old boyfriend Jermaine Deprie Glover, at the time of the murder and he became the number one suspect in the crime investigation. As it would turn out later, it was her own boyfriend who would end up being the very man to kill her. 

Why did Jermaine Glover murder his girlfriend?

Jermaine Glover and Misty Carter had only become a couple for a few weeks and were sharing his camper. The relationship was losing its intimacy with each day and they had not been together for a while at one time. It is now believed that the two of them were dating other people without each other’s knowledge. Misty is rumoured to be pregnant with a kid born to another guy instead of Jermaine. Their neighbour, Roger Burns, was awakened by the noises of the couple bickering the evening Misty was killed. After then, the neighbour reported he noticed a “yelling” from Misty, accompanied by quietness. Glover’s vehicle was afterwards seen backing up to the trailer’s deck and then driving away. Regardless of the reality that on that day, it did not rain, the neighbour recalled how he spotted Glover’s truck drenched with rainwater the next morning. 

What happened to Jermaine Glover afterwards?

Jermaine Deprie Glover, the longtime Brevard citizen, was convicted of second-degree murder for murdering Misty Lynn Carter, aged 21, by a Henderson District court.  The decision came after a jury in a previous trial was unable to make a decision. Jermaine Glover, who was jailed for nearly 3 years, was convicted and sentenced to 13 to 16 years imprisonment.  Glover informed the Asheville Citizen-Times after Misty Carter’s remains were found that he had discovered he wasn’t even the dad of her kid.  Prosecutors argued Glover brutally murdered Carter, his housemate and former partner, to death in October 2009 before abandoning her corpse. Initially, the prosecution wanted a conviction of first-degree murder but the jury denied that charge.

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