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Moon Knight upcoming episodes Release Date and Time

Moon Knight upcoming episodes

Episode 3 of Marvel’s moon knight takes viewers to Egypt and offers them an in-depth look at Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and his relationship with god Khonshu the Egyptian. In Cairo, they two find themselves attempting to stop Arthur harrow from unleashing Ammit upon the world. It was. Unfortunately, their efforts do not pan out as intended, and Episode 4 of Moon Knight will throw new obstacles at them the next week. And picks up where the second chapter left off, with Marc Spector in Egypt. 

A collector of ancient artifacts, the two visit Anton Mogart. Although they are once again ambushed by Harrow and leading with one of the show’s most action-packed fight sequences. It is unclear what that means for Moon Knight’s lead going into episode 4.

Moon Knight episodes

Know about the ‘Moon Knight’ episode 4 release date and time –

Episode 4 of Moon Knight sounds like it could put the show’s leads against the Egyptian gods themselves. The second half of the Marvel series raises the stakes and creates plenty of intrigue heading into. Every Wednesday around 12 a.m. PST, Moon Knight hits Disney+. Episode 1: March 30, Episode 2: April 6, Episode 3: April 13, Episode 4: April 20, Episode 5: April 27, Episode 6: May 4. Episode 4 of moon knight will bring fans beyond the halfway point. The main plot should pick up in earnest in the coming installments. As the Moon Knight 

The first three episodes are currently streaming on Disney+.

Know what viewers can expect when the fourth installment drops on Disney+ –

Marvel’s series of moon knight does not release synopses, previews, or episode titles for the next episodes. So it is very difficult to say what will be next for the Disney+ series. Still, “The Friendly Type” gives fans some idea of what to expect from Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s story in the next. Of course, they will also need to stop Harrow from enacting Ammit’s will. And there is also the matter of the memory loss Marc suffered and his other big secret. So there’s plenty to explore when the series returns for its fourth chapter.

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