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Morris Jones: A man who murdered ex-girlfriend

Morris Jones
Morris Jones

Morris Jones shot his ex-girlfriend to death and used their baby to torment police officers on whom he opened fire.

What did Morris Jones do? And what happened to cops?

Morris Jones shot his ex-girlfriend to death and used their baby to torment police officers on whom he opened fire. The incident was reported to happen on February 11, early Friday. And when cops arrived at the crime scene after getting calls, Morris-Jones had murdered his ex-girlfriend by shooting him dead.

The crime scene is addressed at 54th Avenue and Elwood Street in Phoenix, Arizona, and when officers reached the address, they found the suspect inside the house only. When the cops surrounded him for further action, a mysterious man came out of the house with the baby. As per the reports, the man placed the toddler on the floor before hanging himself to the authorities. However, his role in the incident is not clear yet.

Further, when the cops went forward with an intention to save the baby, Morris-Jones began firing, which injured nine cops from the team. Eventually, a suspect was also found dead inside his home, who aged around 36 years. Although it is not confirmed whether he died of a self-imposed gunshot or was also murdered. Jeri Williams, Chief of Phoenix Police, stated that four cops are receiving treatment in the hospital, and one of the nine cops is getting operated on due to the injuries of firing. Alongside, she expressed her disappointment and regretted over the senseless violence and added the video footage of that incident still gives her chills and goosebumps.


What happened when the cops reached the crime scene?

As per the reports, as the first cop reached the crime scene or the house, backup police officers also arrived, following whom the baby was kept in the doorway, and another man was also captured in the house. This case of a girl murdered by an ex-boyfriend became a murder mystery that also involved a SWAT team traversing the killer Morris Jones. Around 7 am after a flash-bang was stationed by the cops, the whole situation came to an end. At the crime scene, in the house, a woman was also found with critical injuries, along the man was found dead. And later, this woman was also declared dead; however, the baby was found safe and sound.

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