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Mother of 15-year boy fire victim threatened. Albuquerque police looking into the serious matter

Mother of 15-year boy fire victim threatened

This seems like a serious crime where first the son was burned to death and now the mother is also attacked at her home with bullets and guns. does it indicate targeted killing of the entire family! police are looking into all possible angles in this terrible matter.

Attackers entered the house with a dog excuse:

The mother informed the local police that one of her son’s friends and another male entered her house and asked for a dog. the dog fled the house in which her son and his friend lived.

It is weird that shot two rounds before they left the house. maybe the dog was an excuse to kill the mother and they were not brave enough to shoot her directly. The mother of the victim called the APD police and told them the details of the shootout. the police responded with a team immediately.

Kelley and Rosenau were both trapped in a house:

Kelley and Rosenau both were chased by police. Rosenau was killed as a SWAT officer tried to arrest Qiaunt Kelley who violated his Parole and stole vehicles. Kelley locked himself in his house in the southeast with his dead friend Rosenau.

APD used tear gas to make them evacuate the house. A fire was ignited in the house and Rosaneu’s lungs had too much smoke and he died instantly.

APD chief briefed the press about the mad events that took place on Thursday morning.

“In our effort to track down and arrest a violent criminal, a young person tragically lost his life,” Medina said. “I know many people in our community are hurting right now, and appreciate everyone’s patience while the incident is thoroughly investigated. If any of our actions inadvertently contributed to his death, we will take steps to ensure this never happens again.”

Mother of 15-year boy fire victim threatened

Kelley the main criminal was able to get out of the house and his friend died inside. this is how criminals operate, they take you to crime with you and leave you to die.

Kelley was taken to hospital where his burn injuries were taken care of by doctors now he is arrested and soon he will be in jail, living his life but his friend is no more. this is what happens when you make criminals your friend.

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