The return from hiatus brings Hickee’s simple, but heartfelt music video for “Fragrance.” Released on July 8, 2018, this single has just over 27,500 views to date.

Who Are We Listening To:
One of the downfalls of not being a native speaker is that there are often issues with finding background information on artists. Especially true in this particular case. All that’s known at the time of publishing is that Hickee seems to be fairly new on the scene. This particular release and one earlier in March are both licensed to LOEN Entertainment on behalf of NSCCompany. However, Hickee does have several other collaborations — a couple with Korean DJ ALLZWELL and a feature on music content company NUPLAY’s track — all within the last year or so.

What’s A Hit:
Some people get into the beat and rhythm of a song, while others are instantly captivated by lyrics. Those in the latter group will definitely appreciate this song. The words, along with Hickee’s vocals, paint the perfect mix of feelings between the yearning of a love that once was and the frustration of trying to let it go only to have a simple “fragrance” take you back in time, and through all that pain again of letting go. It’s simple but effective lyrical storytelling.

The music video itself keeps it simple as well. Mostly monochromatic with a few splashes of muted color thrown here and there, it focuses on Hickee’s lone figure and really helps bring home the aching, lonely tone of the song.

What’s A Miss:
If ballads aren’t your gig, well, this isn’t going to be for you.

1theK Random Play is a weekly feature for music videos posted to 1theK’s official YouTube channel. Chosen videos will have under 100,000 views and offer the opportunity for readers to be introduced to lesser known Korean artists.



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