Well, Thor has been a very busy thunder god.

Last month, Marvel Studios finally gave audiences a taste of what the heroic warrior, played by thirty-three-year-old Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, has been up to since we last saw him smashing robot skulls alongside the Avengers squad in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It looks like Thor is in for a rough ride.

How did I get here

“Well, I know what you’re thinking. How did this happen?” The trailer opens with Thor’s voice over and we see the hero wrapped in chains, suspended in the air over boiling lava pits as he is approached by a feminine figure.  “Well…it’s a long story.” A long story indeed. Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song” sets the perfect stage as the trailer takes off.

In the very next scene, we see Thor in what looks like an alleyway on earth.  He launches Mjölnir, his war hammer, at the implied villainess of the story, Hela, who is portrayed by Kate Blanchett. Hela, the Goddess of Death catches Mjölnir easily breaks it into pieces with her bare hand. From there, it only seems to go from bad to worse.

Hela Cate BlanchetHela 2

We see Hela several times in this trailer. She is pictured in her classic form with spike-like horns protruding from her head as well as standing before an army in the city if Asgard. She declares that “Asgard is dead” and draws her wicked looking sword. She has been freed from what should have been an eternal prison and she’s ready to rumble. The trailer shows a wave of flame and destruction sweeping through the city and Thor appears to be caught up in it.


Somehow, he survives and finds himself stranded on the planet of Sakaar. The landscape appears to be made up of refuse and garbage. He is quickly captured and dragged off by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) She presents him to The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), who is told by Valkyrie that Thor is a contender. The trailer suggests that Valkyrie may have been involved in a past battle with Hela.

Tessa Thompson ValkyrieGrandmaster

We see a woman with dark hair and a blue cape flying into battle on the back of a Pegasus. Then, we see Hela with her sword and the next shot shows the same woman falling as winged horses fall from the sky with her. Judging by the looks on their faces, there could be a connection between Thor and Valkyrie. Will Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) have something to say about that? Unfortunately, Thor’s original love interest is not pictured in this trailer and she was only briefly mentioned in the last Avengers movie.

Thor Fallingthor-idris-elba.png

However, viewers are treated to some familiar faces. Heimdall (Idris Elba) is pictured slashing away at green and black enemies that crumble. The trailer then jumps through several shots of multiple large battles, though it is not entirely clear who is fighting whom. Either way, the God of Mischief gets in on the action. Hiddleston fans rejoice.


Tom Hiddleston strides into his role as Loki, Thor’s slightly murderous adopted Frost Giant brother. When we last saw Loki in Thor: The Dark World, he was impersonating their father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and had taken over the throne of Asgard.

In this trailer, he is pictured with cape flapping, horns shining and knives twirling as he walks through a crowd of cowering people. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what he is walking towards or what role he will play in Thor: Ragnarok. Fans of the comics and Norse mythology may recall that Ragnarok is an apocalyptic event that destroys Asgard. Perhaps Loki’s mischief has gone a tad bit too far?

Thor new do

Thor will have to survive the Grandmaster’s arena if he wants to find out. Rocking a short new haircut and a sharper version of his iconic helmet, Thor steps into the arena to face his challenger — yet another familiar face. The Incredible Hulk is back. Thor is delighted to see his friend.

“We know each other! He’s a friend from work!” he declares as Loki and the Grandmaster look on in confusion. Unfortunately for Thor, the Hulk (Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo) doesn’t share his enthusiasm. The trailer closes with the two warriors going head to head.

Thor and Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok looks like one of the most exciting movies of the year. Marvel Studios has been delivering mega hit after mega hit since stepping onto the scene with Iron Man in 2008. This film will carry the nearly ten-year-old film series into the Infinity Arc, hopefully bringing together all of the stories in the Marvel film universe. We know that Thor will be teaming up with Doctor Strange in a future film. Even Guardians of the Galaxy will eventually join the fold.

With director Taika Waititi (Doctor Strange, Moana) behind the wheel, a star-packed cast and a US release date of November 2017, Thor: Ragnarok may be one of the best movies of the holiday season.

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