In 2015, Michael B. Jordan (“Black Panther,” “Fantastic Four’) floored audiences with his performance as Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, son of the late boxer Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Adonis had lived in the shadow of his father’s legacy his entire life but decided to become a boxer and follow in his father’s footsteps with the help of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), his father’s opponent and friend.


Donnie faced daunting challenges along the way but eventually found victory, love and fame. All of those things and more are on the line in the trailer for “Creed II.” The trailer opens with Donnie going down hard in a fight and waking up in the hospital with his girlfriend, Bianca Porter (Tessa Thompson, “Thor: Ragnarok”), a singer with progressive hearing loss, by his side. The trailer suggests they have a child together. He has been struggling to find the balance between life inside the ring and life outside of it. His father’s widow, Mary Anne (Phylicia Rashad), worries about what the Creed legacy may cost him.


Despite the opposition he faces, Donnie fights on knowing that he has a true friend in his corner: Rocky. The champ is back, and he’ll have to help Donnie get ready for what will be the most daunting fight of his life. Viktor Drago, son of Ivan, the Russian boxer that killed Donnie’s father, will prove to be Donnie’s greatest rival yet.

Ready to see sparks fly in the ring? Look for “Creed II” when it hit’s theaters this November.


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