Director Christian Rivers‘s vision of the epic book “Mortal Engines” finally gains momentum in the first full movie trailer. With screenplay by Peter Jackson, the world of “Mortal Engines” has the same stunning attention to detail given to “The Lord of The Rings” sagas and “The Hobbit.” The first moments shown in the trailer seem to have been taken directly from the pages of the book. We are finally introduced to the main characters of the story and the harsh world they live in.

In the book series, written by Phillip Reeve, the world was ravaged by a war that only lasted sixty minutes. London became a mobile city (think “Howl’s Moving Castle” with a dark twist) in order to survive the chaotic landscape. Other cities soon followed, but there were not enough resources left to sustain them all. The large cities began “consuming” smaller cities in order to steal their resources and enslave their inhabitants. London remains one of the largest and most powerful cities.

Mortal Engines 2

Mortal Engines 4

Tom Nastworthy (Robert Sheehan) is a young man living on London. He has dreams of becoming a historian, but those plans are abruptly derailed when he encounters Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a young woman with a scar on her face and an ugly past. Tom stops Hester from killing Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving), the leader of London. Instead of rewarding Tom, Thaddeus kicks him to fall to his death. Fortunately, both Tom and Hester survive. Unfortunately, their troubles have only just begun.

Mortal Engines 3

Mortal Engines 5

Korean singer Jihae (“In Love with a Tornado,” “Only You”) joins the cast as rebel leader and pilot Anna Fang alongside the talents of Patrick Malahide, Stephen Lang, Colin Salmon and Leila George. Big names for an equally big movie. The sheer scale of the world in “Mortal Engines” is very well represented in this trailer. At times, the human characters look like ants on the massive, roving behemoth that is London. The sense of adventure and danger will appeal to fans of the book and, hopefully, newcomers as well. Movies based on young adult fantasy books have lost some steam in recent years in a market dominated by intense dramas and superhero movies. Perhaps “Mortal Engines” will be the movie that brings the wonder of a fantastic, larger-than-life tale back to the movie theater.


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