As one of the most highly anticipated games to release in 2016, Final Fantasy is slated to release on November 29th. The Final Fantasy franchise is introducing their 15th installment, introducing a brand new world to many Final Fantasy fans.

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To further add to the excitement, Final Fantasy XV & S has released not only a cinematic film (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV) which is the prequel to the story of the game, there is also an accompanying animated short series that follows Prince Noctis and his companions on their journey to reclaim the Kingdom of Lucis. The animated series was uploaded to the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube page and is a 5 episode series. The language is in Japanese however, for international fans, it is also uploaded with English subtitles. The following is a review of Final Fantasy’s animated series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Episode 1: “Before The Storm”

As the first episode of the series, it introduces Prince Noctis (Noct) and his companions, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis traveling to the country of Caem. From the trailers for the video game, there is a lot of time spent where players get the chance to drive around the different lands throughout the game. It seems that this first episode is showing that aspect in this story.

This particular episode happens to be about Noct himself as, a glimpse of his past was revealed. The episode also gives a brief overview what what happened to the Kingdom of Lucis and the current state of the land, as it has been taken over by the Empire of Niflheim. This episode also follows Noct and his friends trying to escape from the Empire that are after them.

Though this episode is mainly light-hearted with Noct and his companions on their road trip, this establishes more of the story and the reason behind the game, showing the darker themes that are going to appear in the game. It also gives Final Fantasy fans a treat of putting some action scenes as well, as part of the game is heavily centered by the combat game play.

Aside from the story of the episode, the animation of the series itself is beautifully done and is smooth throughout the entire episode. The animation and the overall look to the characters, settings and special effects from the action sequences surely does not disappoint. The soundtrack to the episode as well, amplifies the episode, raising the excitement for not only the next episode, but the overall game.

As the first episode of the short series, it leaves a big and positive impression and there is much anticipation for what the next episode will entail as more of the journey of Noctis and his friends is revealed.

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