As one of the most highly anticipated games to release in 2016, Final Fantasy is slated to release on November 29th. The Final Fantasy franchise is introducing their 15th installment, introducing a brand new world to many Final Fantasy fans.

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To further add to the excitement, Final Fantasy XV & S has released not only a cinematic film (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV) which is the prequel to the story of the game, there is also an accompanying animated short series that follows Prince Noctis and his companions on their journey to reclaim the Kingdom of Lucis. The animated series was uploaded to the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube page and is a 5 episode series. The language is in Japanese however, for international fans, it is also uploaded with English subtitles. The following is a review of Final Fantasy’s animated series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Episode 3: “Sword and Shield”

For the third installment of the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV short series, another member of the quartet is highlighted throughout the episode. This time, fans get a peek into backstory of Gladio (short of Gladiolus). It seems as if this short series is looking back at the origin stories of how Prince Noctis came to having the strong bonds he has now with his friends that are traveling with him on the journey of taking the Kingdom of Lucis back.

The episode goes back in time to when Noctic was still a young child and a younger Gladio was working at the palace as a mentor for Noctis in terms of physical training. It seemed at the time, Gladio was not too fond of Noct, viewing the Prince as a incapable brat of some sorts. Over the course of the episode however, a little bit of Gladio’s family life is revealed – showing his affection for his younger sister. It’s revealed that at one point, Gladio becomes thankful to Noctis as he covers for a rather reckless action that was done due to Gladio’s younger sister. By the end, Gladio forms a much more positive opinion of Noct, showing promise of the bond growing strong in the future.

As this is becoming more clear to fans that this is origin story over their brotherhood, there are only two more episodes left, one that can be for sure about the last member, Ignis. Fans are surely ecstatic to know a little bit more of how the four became to be such a tight-knit group and how this will tie into the main story of the game that is soon to release.

Once again, the animation and soundtrack leaves another great impression. As expected of Final Fantasy to further get fans excited to play the game!

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