As one of the most highly anticipated games to release in 2016, Final Fantasy is slated to release on November 29th. The Final Fantasy franchise is introducing their 15th installment, introducing a brand new world to many Final Fantasy fans.

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To further add to the excitement, Final Fantasy XV & S has released not only a cinematic film (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV) which is the prequel to the story of the game, there is also an accompanying animated short series that follows Prince Noctis and his companions on their journey to reclaim the Kingdom of Lucis. The animated series was uploaded to the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube page and is a 5 episode series. The language is in Japanese however, for international fans, it is also uploaded with English subtitles. The following is a review of Final Fantasy’s animated series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Episode 4: “Bittersweet Memories”

Ignis is the last member of the quartet, where the short series brings the origin stories of how Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis come to form a bond with Prince Noctis. Taking a look at the previous episodes, fans may easily suspect that Ignis is the most level-headed and almost the “mother” figure out of the bunch. The beginning is once again on the road as they guys are traveling on their journey. Ignis is the main person that is taking care of all the guys, providing most of the driving and cooking while on their journey.

Ignis’ story happens to be the longest of the rest of the members, as it looks back at the time where he is serving King Regis and Noct. Ignis is the main person who is looking over Noct, who at this time is a student in what seems to be high school. Ignis is the one to clean up after and cook for Noct as he lives outside of the palace. Around this time, Ignis is reporting to King Regis of Noct’s business and school while also keeping Noctis up to date with the palace affairs. As King Regis is getting older and less capable of handling the throne, Ignis is always reminding Noctis of his duty to the throne.

Ignis’ episode happened to be the most emotion-driven and heavy story from the rest of the members as it shows the struggle of trying to what is in the best interest of Noc, even though things are not that easy to accept. Ignis and Noct’s relationship runs a little more deeper with each other as Ignis has been with Noct since he was young. While there is a struggle of trying to stay professional, there is the feeling of wanting to protect and care that Ignis struggles with.

There is only one episode left to conclude this story of their brotherhood. As the last episode there is a lot of expectation of what is going to happen at the conclusion of this short animated series.

Once again, the animation and soundtrack leaves another great impression. As expected of Final Fantasy to further get fans excited to play the game!

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