As one of the most highly anticipated games to release in 2016, Final Fantasy is slated to release on November 29th. The Final Fantasy franchise is introducing their 15th installment, introducing a brand new world to many Final Fantasy fans.

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To further add to the excitement, Final Fantasy XV & S has released not only a cinematic film (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV) which is the prequel to the story of the game, there is also an accompanying animated short series that follows Prince Noctis and his companions on their journey to reclaim the Kingdom of Lucis. The animated series was uploaded to the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube page and is a 5 episode series. The language is in Japanese however, for international fans, it is also uploaded with English subtitles. The following is a review of Final Fantasy’s animated series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Episode 5: “The Warmth of Light”

As the last episode of the animated short series, the episode picks back up from where episode 1 ended. Noctis and the rest of the gang are taking on the Imperial army and a monster that has one tried to kill Noct when he was a child. The episode goes back and reveals what truly happened the night of the attack. Once again, King Regis is highlighted again, showing how he ended up saving Noctis and showing the bond between father and son.

This episode ties is all the stories of how Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis came together, how their stories are all interconnected and how they have formed a strong, close bond with one another. The episode displays their teamwork and how it doesn’t really matter the type of background that each have, but instead how they have each other’s back.

Overall, this was a beautiful side story to the world of Final Fantasy XV. This entire series establishes the origin story of their friendship and bond. This series gives fans understanding of how all of these different characters came together to form a strong brotherhood. Final Fantasy and Square Enix does not fail to impress with their stunning visuals in animations, to the complex development of the characters and backgrounds to the beautiful music within the episodes. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement for the game to release at the end of November and fans cannot wait to finally get their hands on the game.

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