How can one say no to such adorable feelings in an animated film? Realistically speaking throughout the years there hasn’t been many animated films expressing a boy’s love theme let alone a CG animated one. Beth David and Esteban Bravo sought to change that. Together they decided to create the animated short film, “In a Heartbeat.”


The plot involves a middle school by named Sherwin who has a closeted crush on Jonathan, the most popular boy in their school. Somehow his heart escapes him and tries to reveal his true feelings. Sherwin must chase down his own heart in order to stop it from exposing how he feels to Jonathan and possibly everyone in his middle school.

Bravo is a story artist and animator from Mexico City, Mexico who loves to wear cool socks. David is an illustrator and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been drawing since early childhood and doesn’t plan to let anything stop her!


It will be really interesting to see how David and Bravo execute the Boys Love genre, especially at such a young age range they chose to go with. I believe that they want to be able to have a larger audience for this film and to properly represent how these types of feelings should not be seen as bad or taboo for the younger ages. This really gives them the opportunity to be able to give LGBT type themes better representations for those who don’t really understand it.

The film is estimated to come out sometime this summer, so stay tuned!







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